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The best ways to earn gold in world of warcraft

The best ways to earn gold in world of warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment is a video game design and development company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company, which is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, has already developed and marketed successful and popular games such as Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft. All the games of this company have been at the top of the best sellers and all of them have won several awards.

Blizzard Entertainment split from Activision Blizzard in 1991 under the name Silicon & Synps in Irvine, California, with Alan Adham as CEO, Michael Murheim as CEO, and Frank Pierce as CEO. He was very small, he never thought that one day he would be able to reach a place that would attract a large number of gamers. Even the fame of this company has become so global today that even those who do not know much about the game know this great company and Bilzard’s masterpiece is World of Warcraft, which is still popular with gamers almost twenty years after its birth.

Named Blizzard Entertainment in 1994, the company quickly became one of the most popular and respected computer game makers.

Focusing on creating good games with great design and high entertainment capabilities, Blizzard has from the beginning gained a unique reputation for the excellent quality of its products. These include novels, picture books, manga, board games, clothing, drawings of World of Warcraft games, and business cards of World of Warcraft games.







Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Blizzard

What is Gold Wow?

Gold wow is actually an in-game virtual currency, a common currency in world of warcraft

How is gold wow obtained?

Kill in-game giants, complete game missions and quests, help other players, and collect items

What is a wow token?

In short, it is a digital currency, a currency code

How to get wow token?

All in-game activities lead to gold, and finally you can get a token by paying a certain amount of gold.

Buy wow gold

Can Gold Wow be sold for real money?


Buy Gold wow

Can gold wow be bought for real money?


What is the use of a token?

The main use of Warcraft tokens is the ability to provide game time or time card

What is game time wow?

World of warcraft game is not free and players have to buy game time every month and keep their account active

Is it legal to buy WoW gold?

No, buying or selling gold wow is generally illegal by Blizzard, and if viewed, there is a possibility that the gold or the seller or buyer’s account will be deleted and banned. These trackings are not very hard and serious, and with a little caution and concentration, the Blizzard monitoring system can be easily bypassed.

How much does gold cost in WoW?

According to the WoWTokenPrices website, which shows the value of a WoW gold token, a $ 20 token will give you more than 200,000 gold, which means that $ 1 is worth about 10,000 gold.

How much does a WoW token cost?

The price of a token is never fixed and fluctuates like the rates of digital currencies

Can we buy a WoW token for real money?

You can buy 30-day, 60-day, 90-day and finally 180-day WoW Tokens in online stores in Iran and abroad for Tomans.

Can we sell wow tokens?


Will the WoW token expire?

There is no time limit for losing Warcraft gametime or Blizzard tokens.

Can I have a WoW token as a gift?

Unfortunately, after purchasing a WoW token, you can only redeem it for your account.

Can we play WoW for free?

Shame, World of Warcraft is not entirely free, but if you are determined, why not! You can maintain your subscription and game time by earning wow gold in the game, of course, if you look at it as a full-time job.

Are there any restrictions on purchasing WoW tokens?

Yes, up to 36 tokens can be purchased every 24 months

Is it legal to buy or sell WoW accounts?

Blizzard rules prohibit buying and selling a wow account, but it is not illegal! This is another important Blizzard rule that no one cares about

Can we buy a WoW token for someone else?

You can buy a real-time card or game time and give the code as a gift, but not about buying a token and giving it to someone else. Real-money tokens are only compatible with the character they purchased

Can we exchange WoW tokens?

No, you can not email tokens, you can not sell them, keep them in wow bank or delete them. Tokens purchased with real money can only be listed. Tokens purchased from the auction house can only be used for game time or Blizzard Balance.

Can we transfer the wow character to another account?

Character transfer service allows you to transfer characters to other realms, various World of Warcraft accounts, or from one Blizzard account to another.

How many accounts in can we have?

You can have multiple accounts. You can have up to eight WoW accounts in one account

Can I have a Blizzard Balance as a gift?

Unable to transfer balance or balance from one Blizzard account to another. However, you can purchase Blizzard Balance as a gift to another account through the Blizzard store.

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