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World of warcraft terms

World of warcraft terms

Lol :There is no new term in wow, it stands for laugh out laud, and if you type this word or these words (rofl, hehe and haha), the character will laugh.

The coolest, most attractive, most humiliating and funny term in this game. You can chat when you hit the Enter key, but when you try to hit one of the game’s cheat codes, your hero shows movement or behavior.

lol Your hero’s laughter is usually struck when you kill one of the opponents, or in a duel, or whatever you hear and say from your friend. lol When it happens that you kill an opponent, but you have to have the aspect of many things, because when you turn away and laugh at him, you have humiliated him a lot, and the one who does not get anywhere does whatever prostitution he does to you. ! There are other terms for laughing like: haha, / lol, jaja and…


I mean no problem, this is for users who no longer have little money or power! They help everyone and after hearing thx from the side they just say np.


Stands for I do not know. Many users do not bother to discover one of the secrets of the game, they decide to ask questions from powerful users (some of whom do not even know how to ask questions) that user will answer if he is bored, but if he is bored, he will answer. Does not have or is not aware of the question at all, only three professions that get rid of this useless chat, idk… !!


People who spend a lot of time in this game but do not understand anything about the game and think they are very pro are called Nob. Now why is he going to the side.
Nob has several meanings, including: School, Shaskol, Khangol, Stupid, Weed, Turtle who aspires to win Olympic track and field! And thousands of other meanings that break your character when you are told. If you have an aspect, you strengthen yourself so that no one dares to say this word to you, but if you are impartial; Either you play carelessly or you go and choose another class.

Noob is called worthless and spoiled or novice players. Of course, if you are new and listen to Leader in Reed and do tactics, it will not be called Noob at all.

Gold pls
means you get nervous when you see this word from someone. Some do not bother to work and beg in the main camp very easily. One time, one of me asked Gold to tell him to go on a mission and sell the goods in the store. This is how you get gold. I just told him Noob, that’s enough.

A large group formed by a leader is called a Raid. Usually this group is formed to kill the Boss, which is also the place of killing, such as: VoA ( Vault of Archavon ), Naxx ( Naxxramas ), OS ( Obsidian Sanctum ) and these are the places that are better to enter as soon as you reach level 80 Be one of these groups. Because after killing the Boss, you will drop very good items that can not be seen anywhere in the game.


Any normal group in wow can only have a capacity of 5 people, but to hit stronger bosses, the group needs to be RAID, which can add up to 40 people in a group, but sometimes in channels with this word. I get “Someone has a raid invites me” There is a boss there)

10 man; 25man and each of them can be Normal or Heroic, the difference between 10 man and 25man, which is the number of reed people, which is determined by the leader,
and Normal and heroic also determine the difficulty of each raid. Heroic or hc bosses and mobs are more And they damage more and drop better items (of course, there is no better chance of dropping items)

is a magician from Paladin, Druid, and Priest who hits teammates and gives them various powers. Other options such as Gbok and Gbom are also used to receive the buff.
There are many other terms used in the game and a number of cheat codes that are really numerous.

اتحاد Guild

Knowing the terms will help you a lot to chat comfortably in the game. Now is the time to chat with your allies and ask them for something. The alliance plays a very important role in this game, the one who has not joined the alliance has really lost because there is a warehouse in the main camps where there are items in the alliance and these items;

Allies are there for teammates to use if necessary. Also, when you need help, you can chat in the alliance (by entering the / g code) and one of the allies will surely help you. You really experience a real alliance in this game with allies who help you with patience and time and do not expect anything.

Instance: To specific environments separate from game maps where there are bosses. Instance is divided into two modes , Dungeon and Raid .

BG: The so-called BattleGround in which the two races Horde and Alliance fight each other

XP: The amount of points a player earns after completing various missions in the game

NPC: People in the game from which the player can buy items or even get a quest

PVP: It is called Player vs Player

PVE: The so-called Player vs Environment . In this case, the player or players fight against the game mobs and bosses

Mob: To in-game creatures that drop some XP or even items after being killed

Loot: Drop an item from Boss / Mob

Boss: refers to the powerful creatures that exist in Raid or Dungeon

Dungeon : It is also a type of inc , but with the difference that the number of people should be 5 people, no more, and of course weaker bosses and items with lower levels than Raid will drop from that boss.

Party: Groups of less than 5 people

AOE: An attack in which several people are injured at the same time

Wipe: When a group fails in Instance and dies completely

Faction: The race is told that there are generally 2 races in the game Alliance / Horde

Quest: It is called in-game missions

GM stands for Game master , which is a series of people who own a server or the same admin who has player problems. Do game bugs or server control that you can talk to a gm by ticking or Talk to a gm and say the problem. Avoid insulting these people separately because banning or muteing and all control of the server hand They are

TS: (stands for teamspeak ) is a program for talking to other people on the Internet (such as Tak Garna)
to work to be more coordinated with the team in the game

Buff :

Buff means the effect that some spells run on the side, for example, when you buff a paladin , here it means that useful buffs such as

Give B lessing of king or Power to everyone to fight with better power or sometimes they say take one weaver means that a harmful weaver like Poison or Magic is on you that the class that can remove the weaver should help.

Drop :For example, it means that you hit a boss and the item that was previously intended for that drop falls and players can remove it.

Invis:In short, the word Invisible means invisible. Several types of classes in wow can be invisible, Rogue, Druid and Mage, and easily escape from the area, or like Rogue, a new series of spells will be activated for them as soon as Invisible. In the game can also be invis like tigers and…

Inspect :means to check

roll :To get an item in a fair way, put a way called roll . When an item is dropped , those who want to read that item type roll /
then a number from 1 to 100 is randomly selected. Whoever gets more number, the item is mine. He becomes

Ban :Becoming means that your account will be blocked by a gm. Now, due to insulting gm or cheat and hacking in the server, your account may be blocked for a while, which is called ban .

mute : If you spam in the channels, that is, for example, write something repeatedly in the channel or swear if gm is online at that moment , it will mute you for 10 minutes or more or sometimes 999 minutes, in this case you will not Which channels or in no case can you talk until the time is up

Agro :To pull the boss means that the tank goes and kills the boss to the rest of the dps or damage to the body . Use

Gear :It means the same as your clothes. Equipments also say

GS :means gearscore is an addons designed for the game that in relation to the level of each Item is a number to compare and measure the power of the hero that to go ins you must have a relatively high gearScore because the criterion is inv.

ms :is also a unit for showing the server latency

ps :Wow is a specialized word because it stands for an item called Primordial Saronite that is dropped from icc bosses

icc :It is also a main ins for 3.3.5 and it drops good items from its hard boss, which also requires a lot of tactics to kill the bosses

AP :It can be an abbreviation of two words or Arena point or Armor Penetration or Attack Power depending on the situation of using it (of course , they use ARP for armor penetration )

HP :stands for Heath point , which is sometimes called hp instead of health . In some places, Honorpoint is called hp

Dps :stands for D amage Per Seconds and means the amount of damage your hero does to the enemy

Dot :stands for Damage over Time for some spells that damage the enemy over time

Heal :means to recover John Hero, which can be healed with spells that have the ability to heal and recover John, and the person who does this is called a Healer , which is also a role.

Bug :means an event that is unusual in a quest or spell or database , for example a quest asks you to kill 12 mobs , but when you kill each mob you do not see any change in the amount of units killed Or, for example, a bus that gets stuck due to a malfunction in the database database server,
or any such event is called a bug.

lag :means the game is checked due to high latency or server bandwidth problem occurs lag say

Dc :means disconnect from the server

OS :stands for an INS in Drogonblight called Obsidition Sanctum

Gbok :stands for Greater Blessing of kings, which is also called king to increase all points by 10%

Gbom :stands for Greater Blessing of Might , which is also called power is used to increase the hero ‘s attack power

Gbow :

stands for Greater Blessing of wisdom , which is used to increase mana Regeneration or speed recovery of mana hero.

Gbos stands for Greater Blessing of Sanctuary Weaving, which is used to reduce damage to the hero

Shield :means shield or protective shields of some classes of Tank and Healer , but if you call a paladin give a shield to the tank, it means Sacred Shield

RS :Abbreviation for ins; It is ruby ​​sanctum

WTB :stands for Want to Buy and vice versa WTS means want to sell

Bash :Bash means that the boss is now running a spell. Let’s stop or intrupt that spell with a spell called bash

Silence: There is a type of effect that some spells run and whoever gets this effect can not run any splits for a short time.

JC :Abbreviation for JewelCrafting or jewelry making

Socket : Colored cells on some items (in general) that we can put gems in them

A: AB = Arcane Blast
AB = Arathi Basin
AE = Arcane Explosion
AFK = Away from keyboard
AGGRO = When a monster has targetted you.
AH = Auction House
AM = Arcane Missiles
AotH = Aspect of the Hawk
AotP = Aspect of the Pack
AP = Attack Power
AR = Adrenaline Rush
AV = Alterac Valley B: BG = Battleground
BO = Buyout price in AH
BoK = Blessing of Kings
BoL = Blessing of Light
BoP = Blessing of Protection / Bind on Pickup
BoS = Blessing of Salvation
BoSa = Blessing of Sanctuary
BoM = Blessing of Might
BoW = Blessing of Wisdom
BRB = Be right Back
BT = Black Temple
BW = Blast Wave
BW = Bestial Wrath / Brood War C: C = Copper
CH = Chain Heal
CloS = Cloak of Shadows
CoC = Cone of Cold
CoD = Curse of Doom
CoE = Curse of Elements / Curse of Exhaustion
CS = Counterspell / Cold Snap / Crusader Strike D: DB = Dragon’s Breath
DC = Disconnect
DE = Disenchant
DI = Divine Intervention
DK = Dragon Kill Points
DM = Dire Maul
DMs = Deadmines,

E: F: FB = Frostbolt / Fireball / Fire Blast
FF = Faerie Fire / Focus Fire / Friendly Fire
FN = Frost Nova G: G = Gold
G2G = Got to go
GG = Good Going/Good Good
GJ = Good Job
GM = Guild Master or Game Master
GS = Goldshire H: Hax = Hacker
HK = Honorable Kill
HoJ = Hammer of Justice
HS = Healthstone / Hearthstone
HW = Healing Wave I: IB = Ice Block
IC = In Character
IF = Inner Focus / Ironforge
IG = In game
Imao = In my arrogent opinion
Imho = In my honest opinion
Imo = In my opinion
INC = Incoming
INT = Interlect
IRL = In real life
IS = Insect Swarm
IV = Icy Veins J: JoL = Judgement of Light
JoW = Judgement of Wisdom K: KZ = Karazhan L: L2 = learn to
L2R = Learn to read
LF = Looking for
LFG = Looking For Group
LFM = Looking For More
LHW = Lesser Healing Wave
LMAO = Laughing my ass off
LoH = Lay on Hands
LOL = Laugh out loud
LoS = Line of Sight is more correct.
LotP = Leader of the Pack M: MB = Mana Burn
MF = Moonfire
MH = Mount Hyjal
MotW = Mark of the Wild
MS = Mortal Strike N: NS = Nature’s Swiftness O: OFC = Of Course
OMW = On my way
OOC = Out of Character
OOM = Out of mana P: PoM = Presence of Mind
Pot = Potion
PvP = Player Versus Player
PWF = Power Word: Fortitude

Q: R: RFD = Razorfen Downs
RFK = Razorfen Kraul
RP = Roleplay
RR = Redridge S: S = Silver
S1 = Season 1 PvP gear
S2 = Season 2 PvP gear
S3 = Season 3 PvP gear
SB = Shadow Bolt
ShS = Shadow Step
SL = Siphon Life / Soul Link
SM = Scarlet Monastery
SoC = Seed of Corruption
SSC = Serpentshrine Cavern T: TBH = To be honest
TK = Tempest Keep
ToL = Tree of Life U: UA = Unstable Affliction V: VE = Vampiric Embrace
VT = Vampiric Touch / Ventrilo W: WE = Water Elemental
Woot = We own other team
WsG = Warsong Gulch
WTB = Want/ing to Buy
WTS = Want/ing to Sell
WTT = Wanting to Trade X: XR = Cross Roads

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