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A collection of useful and useful macros for Rogue

A collection of useful and useful macros forRogue

  • Assassination – Mutilate

If you run out of energy and change your target, you will not miss any automatic attacks because you are spamming your initial attack while trying to mutilate.

/cast mutilate


  • Assassination – Slow Focus

It is good to have this macro because it allows you to slow down someone outside the melee range.

/cast [target=focus] poisoned knife

  • Assassination / Sub – Blind Focus

Focus blind allows you to quickly blind your focus without having to change the target. This means that you do not need to aim at your target, which leads to the destruction of damage, because during the attack to blind another target, you will not attempt.

/cast [target=focus] blind

  • Assassination / Sub – Kidney Shot

Using this macro means that if your main target is not destroyed due to its ability to hide, you will never automatically shoot the nearest player.

/cast [@target] kidney Shot

  • Assassination / Sub – Kidney Shot Focus
/cast [target=focus] kidney shot

  • Assassination / Sub – Shadowstep + Kick Focus

#showtooltip shadowstep


/cast [target=focus] Shadowstep

/cast [target=focus] Kick


  • Assassination / Sub – Shadowstep Party 1

Using this macro allows you to move quickly towards your teammates without the need to set goals at first.

/cast [target=Party1] shadowstep

  • Assassination / Sub – Shadowstep Party 2
/cast [target=Party2] shadowstep

  • Cloak + Vanish

To use both cloak of shadows and vanish at the same time, sometimes it may be necessary for you to survive.

/cast cloak of shadows

/cast vanish

  • Kick Focus

Allows you to quickly change your target without having to change the target

/cast [target=focus] kick

  • Sap Arena 1
/cast [target=arena1] sap

  • Sap Arena 2
/cast [target=arena2] sap

  • Sap Arena 3
/cast [target=arena3] sap

  • Stealth

This macro allows you to stop auto attacking and then allows, and then allows you to move safely if you cancel your stealth while spamming.


/!cast stealth

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