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PVE Unholy Death Knight DPS

Complete PVE training Unholy Death Knight DPS

This post is also dedicated to the following tutorials

1- Best Enchantments for PVE class Unholy Death Knight DPS

2- The best socket and Gem for PVE Unholy Death Knight DPS

3- Best Talent – Talent for PVE class Unholy Death Knight DPS

4- Rotations or how to play with PVE class Unholy Death Knight DPS

What jobs do you think are suitable for this class and this talent?

The best and most practical job for the PVE class Unholy Death Knight DPS is engineering and tailoring .

1. The best Anti-Magic Zone option (when you use this Spell, everyone inside it will receive 40% less Dell spell)
2. The best option Death Pact (when you use this Spell, 50% Hp will transfer your pat)


The best type of Glyphs for PVE Unholy Death Knight DPS What glyphs can be?

  1. Glyph of the Ghoul
  2. Glyph of Icy Touch
  3. Glyph of Dark Death
  1. Glyph of Pestilence

  1. Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond
  2. Red: Bold Cardinal Ruby
  3. Yellow: Fierce Ametrine
  4. Blue:

  1. HeadArcanum of Torment
  2. ShoulderGreater Inscription of the Axe
  3. CloakScroll of Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed , Scroll of Enchant Cloak – Major Agility
  4. ChestScroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats
  5. BracersScroll of Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault
  6. GlovesScroll of Enchant Gloves – Crusher
  7. WaistEternal Belt Buckle
  8. LegsIcescale Leg Armor
  9. BootsScroll of Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality , Scroll of Enchant Boots – Greater Assault
  10. WeaponRune of the Fallen Crusader



Hit → Strength → Armor Pen. → Haste → Crit → Expertise → Attack Power → Agility


Hit → Strength → Haste → Armor Pen. → Crit → Expertise → Attack Power → Agility

Watch the clip below to better understand the subject.

WoW Unholy Death Knight DPS Rotation 3.3.5



Icy TouchPlague strikeBlood StrikeScourge strikeBlood StrikeScourge StrikeSummon gargoyleHorn of winterPestilence

Festering Strike If your Runic Power Mastery is less than 90

Death Coil

Horn of Winter when you do not have Rune andRunic Power Mastery

  • Multi Target Rotation
  1. Disease Create your Diseases on all enemies with – Pestilence State
  2. Death and Decay
  3. Blood Boil
  4. Death Coil

undefined To use FR and convert it to

  1. undefined is best used when Bloodlust is not in your Buffs
  2. Use Summon Gargoyle before Bloodlust
  3. Death Coil

Army of the Dead before the start of the Fight or when you are not able to DPS to the Boss

  • Statistics
  1. Strength
  2. Hit and Expertise Rating 7.5%
  3. Critical Strike Rating
  4. Haste Rating



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