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Tactic Boss 8 Blood Prince Council 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 8 Blood Prince Council 10 man – ICC

It is one of the simplest Icc bosses, which has 5,600,000 HP in normal mode and 7,600,000 HP in heroic mode.

You need 2 tanks, 2 healers and 6 Dps.

The general form of the conflict is that HP shifts between the three princes and one of them has HP at any given moment, and at that point you just have to rely on him.

Here are the level played by each of the Princes:





Prince Valanar:

  1. Shock Vortex : An 8k damage that throws players around after eating.
  2. Kinetic Bomb : A bomb that is dropped from the air by the Summon boss and starts moving towards the ground. They throw around.

Prince Taldaram :

  1. Conjure Flame : Summon fireballs that do some AOE damage in the same air, which is not very important.
  2. Glittering Sparks

Prince Keleseth (Left Prince):

  1. Shadow Lance : A spell that casts a boss into a tank that has Aggro 16k damage.
  2. Shadow Resonance

As for the method of conflict:

After Mt pulls the middle boss, all three bosses go to Ot’s job.

HP is always on the middle prince first, so the fight starts. You have to pay attention to the bombs that are moving from the air to the ground. The way to fight these bombs is to attack them by Rdps. And they do not cause any problems for Reed.

Important Note : Usually, the boss is taken against the wall and everyone attacks from the front or at most from the side, so that if the boss hits the Shock Vortex , everyone will hit the wall and the Dps will not go down.

In the next step, HP goes to the right hand prince. Only for this boss, the fireballs in the air should be hit by Rdps. It is no longer a problem for HP to go to the left prince.

During the conflict with the other 2 princes, Ot must start to Aggro the purple orbs in the hall.

Important Note : These Orbs should not be attacked in any way. In the next step, I will say why.

Ot can have a maximum of 3 of these Orbs, each of which gives 35% Shadow resist to Ot, which totals 105%! So Ot can easily survive under the heavy Shadow damage of this boss.

Tip 1 : Mt should not aggravate Keleseth in any way, otherwise it will wipe 100%

Tip 2 : If needed,Heroism should be hit when the HP Bar is on the third prince

Tip 3 : Each tank must hold its own prince until the last moment, even if that prince did not have HP

Heroic mode: In this mode , Valanar Kinetic Bombs move faster to the ground, so you have to pay close attention to these bombs and they have to be hit faster.

In this phase, a Debuff is added called Shadow Prison , which falls on Reed people while walking. It takes one stack per second of walking and enters 500 Damages per second per stack. 10 seconds to keep this Debuff on your head.

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