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Glancing Blow

The amount of ironing that you reduce on the in-game creatures whose level is equal to or greater than you is called

At the moment, this issue is more tangible on the rides boss, and in a way, it reduces your total auto-attack (the hit whose number is shown in white). From patch 3.3 onwards, this issue no longer exists for casters.

This can only happen in front of creatures and does not exist in front of player by player. Of course, do not forget that the level of defense skills of creatures also affects this issue.

Well, this explanation that you gave is useful, but anyone who reads it will only find out about it by listening, and if someone, the reader of this part, asks a question about it, he will certainly not be able to answer it!

Well, the term Glancing Blow happens to say that it happens 20% of the time when you are fighting against

3 – level MOBs higher than you! It is worth mentioning that Boss is known as a MOB that is 3 levels higher than you!

And only for the white attacks of your gun {in the case of close women only and in the case of casters چنین there is no such thing} or the same ironing attacks that happen 75% of the damage that you do normally!
Glancing Blow does not happen in yellow attacks!

Another point that should be raised is that it can increase or decrease! But it will never reach 0!
To calculate Glancing Blow Change, we use the following formula!

glancing blow chance = 10 + mob defense – player weapon skill
means that for a level 85 player who fights against a level 88 boss, the amount of chance of Glancing Blow is as follows:
amount of player weapon skill = level level * 5
85 * 5 = 425
value Defending skill of a MOB = level of level * 5
88 * 5 = 440
GB chance value
10 + 440-425 = 25%
means that in the minimum mode, for us 25% of our white attacks will be GB, ie means 75% of the normal mode value he ate !
Mostly add-ons like Recount show this number 24!!!

The key point that can be deduced from this discussion is that then we come to the conclusion that the value of the ceiling or the CRT CAP of a MELLE attack is 75 ٪ CRT {Now in any case: the talent item is ‌ weave and} و and more It has no effect on GB not happening!

Crushing Blow

The blow that is struck by the creatures inside the play space, which is 150% of the normal blow rate of Hammam. This hit will hit you if the target is 4 levels or more than 4 levels above you. This is not applicable by any player to each other or to the creatures, and only the creatures in the game do so.

Now the question is that with this situation, the bosses should easily destroy the tank, but why can a tank with normal items resist the bosses compared to Ride? The answer is that as the amount of black, dodge and pre-tank increases, it gets rid of eating very high blows.

You can easily see the situation when the tank falls, where the boss strikes the healers and DPS with unimaginable blows, this is the situation.

Well, again, you just gave a brief explanation about CB, and 100% of those who read this text can not answer any questions on this topic!
The term CB refers to a situation that occurs in front of an NPC that has 4 or more level , so that you receive 150% of the normal attack amount from the NPC in question!
Here’s how to calculate the chances of a CB being targeted:

{NPC weapon skill level – one player defense skill limit) * 2 ٪ -15 {

Now we want to calculate the minimum chance of getting a CB!
For example, a player with level 81 is opposite to an NPC with level 85! {The difference must be 4 lols or more}

NPC Weapon Skill Value = Level Level * 5 = 85 * 5 = 425
One Player Defense Skill Level = Level Level * 5 = 81 * 5 = 405
{425-405} * 2% – 15% = 25%

So CB has a 25% chance of happening if that happens!

Note : The player, even if using any item, ‌ weave, talent is placed in front of a 4-level NPC, ‌ will not be reduced by 25% in any way! ‌ Why, for example, any item that Defense Rating is a skill Defend, نخواهد In no way will a player be overwhelmed with the defense skills limit!
When the difference between the NPC weapon skill value and the player skill limit value exceeds 58, we will have 100% CB in all attacks!
This means that players with a level of 76 or less will have a 100% chance of receiving a CB against a level 88 NPC!

It has been a tough discussion so far, I hope you are not tired!


It means blow. In the game, it is used more in the position of your chance to eat your blow. Heat rating is used to increase it. There is a ceiling in casters and millipps and the range of DPS to deliver the heat rating to the ceiling so that no impact is lost. In the posts of classes, you can get more acquainted with Kam and Kif.

Good Hit Rating is absolutely necessary for every class and every role!
Because if this situation is not enough, your hero will miss blows MISS or in Persian!
Not being hit and becoming MISS has its natures! For example, for someone who plays the role of DPS, the total amount of damage that is calculated at the end of the fight is reduced! As for the tank, if the spell and the ability to be against the enemy MISS, will cause you not to take the amount of Threat that spell gives to the tank and eventually the boss will be Agroo!

The question may arise, how come we did not hit 4’s Hit against a MISS player, for example! ‌ So 96 ٪ چی What happens next?!?!

There are 2 modes ‌: 1. Be a caster {Spell hit} 2. Be close to a woman {Melee Hit}
And that we have the ability to hit any person and any NPC, but either depending on the player or NPC and also their level of level , a We have the chance of giving MISS, which is as follows for Spell Hit:

Each 102.4096385542169 Hit Rating is equal to 1% Spell Hit!

We have a 95% chance of getting equal player and NPC, and only a 5% chance of Missing! We need 512 Hit Rating!

We have an 83% chance of hitting an NPC with 3 more level and only a 17% chance of missing a Miss! We need the value 1741 Hit Rating not to miss in the PVE for the boss!

We have 87% chance of hitting the player with 3 more level and we only have 13% chance of hitting Miss! 1331 Hit Rating is required!

And about Melee Hit:

To calculate this case, we have 2 faces!
1. Have a 2 Hand correction.
2. Have two 1 Hand correctors. Ual Dual Wielding}

And to calculate, we have 2 other conditions:
1. The enemy must be 2 or less than 2 of us.
2. The enemy is 3 levels or more of us.

Each 120,125 Hit Rating equals 1 ٪ Hit!

The desired Hit Chance value against an enemy with a level level of 2 or less with a 2 Hand weapon is calculated as follows:
دشمن Enemy level level – your level level) * 0.5 ٪ + 5 ٪ = desired value

The desired Hit Chance value against an enemy with a level level of 2 or less with two 1 Hand weapons is calculated as follows:
دشمن Enemy level level – your level level) * 0.5 ٪ + 24 ٪ = desired value

The desired Hit Chance value against an enemy with a level of 3 or more with a 2 Hand weapon is calculated as follows:
دشمن Enemy level – your level) * 2 ٪ + 2 ٪ = desired value

The desired Hit Chance value against an enemy with a level level of 3 or more with two 1 Hand weapons is calculated as follows:
دشمن Enemy level level – your level level) * 2 ٪ + 21 ٪ = desired value

For close women like: Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight, Lipstick and Hunter in PVP, we need 5 ٪ Hit, which means 600 Hit Rating! And for DK, ‌ Rouge and Shaman Enh, we need 24 ٪ Hit, ie 2883 Hit Rating!

And also for close women like: Paladin, Warrior, Death Knight, Lipstick and Hunter in PVE we need 8 ٪ Hit value, ie 961 Hit Rating and for DK, ‌ Rouge and Shaman Enh because Off Hand correction has no MISS value 28 28 We need a hit, ie 3364 Hit Rating

Critical Damage

It means the critical amount of damage you do to your enemy. It should be noted that it is not to be confused with Cancer Chance, in fact, it adds to your total Critical amount, not to your luck! For example, when you cast a meta-jam on yourself that increases the critical damage by 3%, if each of your critical hits hits 100% more than your normal hit, this 3% meta-jam accumulates and each of your critical hits hits 103% of hits You will become normal. A blow that hurts up to 1000 in normal mode, with being hit now, you have to hit something close to 2 times that is 2000, and if you add that 3% meta jam to it, it will be 2030. This rate shows itself well when your goal is high HP and your DPS is important to hit it.


It means serious, dangerous and significant. The game has different branches, including Critical Strike, Critical Heat, Critical Strike, Critical Chance and Critical Block. Critical Chance is usually referred to as the same critical among players. Critical Chance is the chance to hit hard (which in patch 4 is about twice as normal). The higher the percentage, the better your chances of hitting a dangerous blow.

Thanks for the text you typed but it is not accurate at all! And as with previous topics, you’re just passing the reader by the name CRT!
Criticism in the game is the same numbers that are written in large mode, and it is very, very interesting for someone who scores a critique, and it is very, very annoying for someone who receives a critique!

Critical Damage is the amount of damage that is inflicted! For spells when it eats critical, it’s 150% of the normal amount of damage it strikes, and for physical attacks it’s 100% of the normal amount of normal damage it does!
Now, how did you say something together, which is almost twice as
much as listening to and passing by knowing that it is specialized!

The critical blow itself occurs when the value of our critical chance increases according to the Critical Rating!
It should be noted that every 179.19 Critical Rating is equal to 1% Critical Chance!

Global Cool Down

Cool Downey (when you have to wait to hit a spell) is told that after hitting one spell, it will stop you from playing another spell, and after passing that spell, you can play the next spell. This cool down is 1.5 seconds in most cases and 1 second in some cases. This issue is more palpable in spells that do not have Cole Don. Like Erkin Bridge, when you hit it to hit the next spell, for example an Erkin Blast, you have to wait a few moments for Global Cool Don to pass, then you hit Erkin Blast.

Well, the definition was not relatively bad, but still…
See these special cases that our dear friend says include Druid Feral and DK Unholy that if they use Presence Unholy or get talent, CGD is 1 second for them!

And other modes! Surely it has happened to you that when you are in a reed or a BJ or a duel, you have Blood Lust or Heroism or Time Warp weavers, in addition to slowing down your casting, this GCD will end sooner!
Yes! AsHaste affects GCD and reduces it, but to a limited extent!
In general, CGD is ‌ for 1.5 seconds if your Haste is 0, but if your Haste is 50%, ‌ CGD is at a minimum and is 1 second!
This means that if you have 51% Haste, that 1% will no longer have an effect on the GCD!
In other words, every 1% Haste subtracts from the GCD by 0.1 seconds, and finally in the 50% Haste mode, you subtract the GCD by 0.5 seconds!
This is the topic!


One of the needs of Millipede classes is to use it to sharpen your shot so that your shot is not blocked by the other side of Dodge. You need a certain amount of roofing in front of the boss, which changes size in different patches. By referring to the information section of your hero, you can fully understand that you have enough or you need to get it to the necessary ceiling by refraining, socket or changing the item.

Well, that’s still an interesting explanation, but still unprofessional!
In a reed when we are in the role of DPS, we have to attack from behind the boss to give DPS, because we take the chance to parry from the boss, but instead the boss can still dodge and reduce our DPS!
The Dodge value given by the text boss is 6.25!!!

We have two ceilings for Expertise!
Normal roof: Soft Cap
Max roof: Hard Cap

The Soft Cap is equal to the amount we use as the DPS role to attack the boss from behind and to control the 6.25% Dodge boss!
Since each 1 Expertise reduces the chance of Parry and Dodge boss by 0.25%, we need 26 Exp. As a DPS Melee
, every 30.0272 Expertise Rating equals 1 Exp and every 120.1088 Expertise Rating gives us a 1% chance of Dodge. And Parry lowers the boss!

Finally as a DEL MELLE we need 780.7072 Expertise Rating for Soft Cap

Hard Cap is equal to the amount of size that we use as a TANK role that we attack from the front and to control the 14% Parry Boss!
Maybe you say that the tank should only take the boss and eat less DPS, ‌ Nobody expects Tomak to drop DPS Expertise and increase his DPS!
You said that if the boss attacks are Parry or Dodge or Miss ،, Th will not receive any Threat from that spell!
Also, hard Caping in Expertise is not necessary if you do not have a problem with Threat!


It is a situation in which different blows do not affect you. This condition is not due to heterogeneity or low expertise. Certain spells can cause this condition. Like Devine Shield and S-Block. In such a situation, by hitting the opponent, your shot has no effect on him. But it can be displaced or broken. In immune conditions, even the weft (also called the weft) on your head that hurts you is removed.

You did explain, but you are sorely mistaken about saying that Debuff clears them all! ‌ For example, Cyclone Droid!
And Immune also has another feature that is, if someone goes to this mode in front of MOB, that person’s Threat will be 0!



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