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Seventh Boss Tactic Professor Putricide – icc in 25 mode

Seventh Boss Tactic Professor Putricide – icc in 25 mode

For 25 people, 3 tanks are needed, 6 to 7 healers and 15-16 DpS.

This bus has 3 phases

Boss abilities: Slime Puddle The boss chooses two players at random and turns green under their feet. If someone has to attack these puddles, they will not be destroyed until they are eaten by Abomination.

Abomination gets energy by eating these puddles every 35 to 40 seconds (explained below).

Tear Gas : This spell is only hit twice in the whole fight, one when the hp boss reaches 80% and the other at 35%. Yes, when the phase changes, everyone is stunned for 20 seconds.





Berserk: This boss will be enraged after 10 minutes from the first attack if it is not killed and with each attack 100 people will die ..
First phase abilities

Unstable Experiment : Hitting this spell, which has a cast time of 2.5 seconds, opens one of the valves of the two sources in the hall and either Volatile Ooze or Gas Cloud, respectively, always appears first Ooze, which creates a green source every 40 The second boss hits this spell.

Capabilities of the second phase:

Unstable Experiment : Still stirring in this phase.

Choking Gas Bomb : Every 35 seconds, the boss throws orange bottles near himself on the ground. After 20 seconds, these bottles lead and the people who were near the bottles cause a significant amount of shadow damage, as well as the hit rate of 75 players. % Decreases

To stay safe from this tragedy until you see that a colored orange bottle is having fun next to you, stay away from it and think about your youth.

Note : Before the gas explodes, as soon as the bottles are planted, they make a certain amount of aoe around them, but the main attack is when you know that an explosion will explode.

Malleable Goo : Every 25 seconds it sends green bosses to random places in the hall. Appear) and the air moves quickly to move from those areas and the body dodges. If a player attacks these balls, he gets a debuff for 20 seconds, which reduces any new attack he wants to give by 200%.

Capacities of the third phase:

The other professor does not play the Unstable Experiment , that is, you get rid of mustard gas and sludge.

Note : In this phase, there is no news of Abomination to eat Smiles, so people should stay away from these green spots and engage with the boss.

Choking Gas : Continues in this phase.

Malleable Goo : Continued in this phase as well.

Mutated Strength : There is a weave that the professor throws on himself at the beginning of the third phase and is active until the end of the fight. This weave increases the damage and attack speed of the boss by 50%.

Mutated Plague : This is a 1 minute debuff that hits the boss on the thin hand that holds the aggro.

This debuff can be increased to 50 and every time it is hit, its time is res. This amount of shadow damage increases with each new debuff pack added. I will explain more in the end)





Volatile Ooze : are small, green creatures that do not directly attack players. They can not be taunted or tant immediately. To move towards his goal, when he reaches his goal, he stands there until the effect has been cast. It ends from the first goal and then sets a new goal.

Note : All dps must first wait to make sure that one of them is not the Volatile target. Once the volatile has specified its target, start dps.

Note : These Volatile Oozes must be destroyed quickly. All dps must pay close attention to these add-ons, which are more important than the boss.

Note : The target person can not move at this time, clinging to the ground and attacks a lot that healers should pay attention to these people.

Note : When the vola reaches its target, it attacks the target to a great extent, and a state similar to an explosion occurs at the moment the vola hits the target.

A number of more than 7 to 8 players must stick together to reduce the impact of this explosion.

People’s position when Volat comes:

Note : For groups whose dps are weak and can not hit Vola the first time, they should adjust their dps so that they can do the same thing a second time!

Gas Cloud :There are creatures similar to the wall, similar to the orange cloud, that do not attack directly and can not aggrode them. Immediately after the formation, it targets a person and moves towards him. And throw Oze away. In the hall, this add gives debuffs to its target, which attacks every 2 seconds.

Note : Before the gas has 10 debuffs on the target, it must be destroyed

Note : Like vola, melee dps must first wait for gas to specify its target and then start dps

Note : Abomination must move towards it immediately after the formation of gas and slow down and stun the gas by means of Regurgitated Ooze , which is the Abomination spell.

People’s position when Gas comes:

Note : The target that gas is looking for also attacks during the chase and must be heal by healers.

Mutated Abomination :When the fight starts and the mt gets the boss, one of the off tanks must go to the professor’s laboratory table, which is located in the north of the hall, and by clicking on the table, it becomes Mutated Abomination . This abomination is very vital in two phases. The first and second that can be used.

Abomination abilities:

  1. Eat Ooze Slime Puddle : with which you can and gain energy.
  2. Regurgitated Ooze : which is debuffed, attacks add-ons every 2 seconds and also reduces their speed by 50% for 20 seconds. As soon as Volatile Ooze and Gas Cloud appear , it should be turned on light
  3. Mutated TransformationMutated : which allows abomination to attack the boss or add melee and reach with the help of dps.

Tanking system:

I say the tanking system here so that you know and know that you know.

The first tank tans until it gets 3 debuff packs from the Mutated Plague

The second tank taunts the boss and tans until it gets 3 packs of Mutated Plague.

The third tank works exactly like the second tank:

Taunt the first tank again and tank until you get 4 packs of Mutated Plague

Taunt the second tank again and tank until you get 4 packs of Mutated Plague

Taunt the third tank again and tank until it gets 4 packs of Mutated Plague

Very, very important Concours point: The position of the people in the hall is very, very important . Keep in mind, when it is time to pour green, for example, you should be under the orange source, or if the orange wanted to fall, you should be under the green source.

The reason is that when the add-ons appear, because if the target is volat, it becomes freez and can not be moved, so the distance between volat and the target is short.




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