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A golden opportunity to play on Wotlk 3.3.5 Iranian server

On Thursday, January 29, 2023 at 15:00, the wowzone server will start a new realm called Wotlk 2023 , what we saw in the previous realm of this server, the efforts of the support team of this server worked fairly well, which I consider a few things. I will mention them:

  1. In the field of fixes, including ines and dungeons and overall server stats
  2. Strong anti-cheat, to prevent various hacks such as teleport hack
  3. Holding various and attractive competitions
  4. Importance to pvp players
  5. New coding and programming in different fields
  6. Awarding of writer’s awards to the players

And other small and big things that we more or less saw in the previous realm of this server, in this regard, on the above date, the new realm of this server will start, and below, the website of this server has published explanations about its new realm, which is below with We will see

New Realm 3.3.5a will be launched on Thursday, January 29, 1401 at 15:00.

You will see various services in the new realm, one of the most important of which is earning Rials by selling gold!

List of services:

  1. Earning rials through selling gold ( training )
  2. The possibility of buying work items from the in-game shop by Gold
  3. Duel Zones
  4. Full Anti-cheat
  5. PUG Loot ( tutorial )
  6. Transmog item (tutorial)
  7. Random Arena ( training )
  8. Raid Spectator ( training )
  9. Riad Finder ( training )
  10. Arena Spectator ( training )
  11. Rampage! ( training )
  12. Guild Point ( training )

  • Earning service by selling gold:

You can sell the gold you earn in the game to other players with the help of this service and earn money in this way.

In the new realm, all game mounts are out of Soulbound mode and you can easily sell them in the Auction House and earn money.

  • The possibility of buying work items from the in-game shop by Gold:

Shops have been considered for the new realm where you can buy items from these shops instead of farming the items needed for Work Hero. This plan is in progress and after its completion, its full training The site will be included.

  • Duel zones :

As you know, by default there are places in the game for Duel between players (Dalaran, Orgrimmar, Stormwind city), in Realm 2023, another place is considered for Duel, the difference between this place and other places is the possibility of receiving gold. It will be by winning the Duel. So that gold will be deducted from the loser and added to the winner. This plan is in progress and after its completion, its complete training will be posted on the site.

  • Server status: 

The Xp value for the Quest will be a multiplier of 15.

The rest of the coefficients and conditions are similar.

You can use special account, boost and job purchase services from the very first minutes of Realm’s launch.

Please note :

If you sell gold and register a settlement, your account will go to the evaluation stage and if you have not committed a violation in the past, the final settlement and the amount will be deposited into your bank account, otherwise, your account settlement request will be rejected

  1. Using Bot will be a violation and Ben and Hero’s account will be confiscated if seen. ( full list of rules )
  2. From January 29, the minimum selling price of Hero in the store will be 100 thousand tomans.
  3. You will be responsible for problems in player-to-player cash transactions. Avoid doing such transactions separately.

As you have seen in the previous Realm, about 200 million Tomans in cash and non-cash prizes were presented to different guilds and people in the form of various competitions. You can also organize a good guild and invite your friends to play. Be among the people who receive the prizes.

Wowzone server is the best server of world of warcraft in Iran. Start your game now with professional Iranian players

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