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Herbalism Job Training

Herbalism is one of the professions that you are collecting. A job that is very valuable and very profitable to start, this job is very profitable because it provides the initial mode for the other two jobs.




  • Note: In this post, it is written as a summary of areas and places to drop and find the necessary mats for this job, but we will provide you with a special and complete picture with accurate and complete punctuation, where every mat of this job can be found. We have prepared that by clicking on any link below, you will go to the Herbalism job guide page, where you can see the exact areas where these mats are found.



  • Before you start upgrading any balm through this guide, make sure you have these two add-ons installed, which makes your job a lot easier overall.
  1. Gatherer
  2. Gatherer Database

File password:

If you have these two, you will have all the points that are spawned there, so that you can move in the best direction to reach them in the fastest way.

Through this guide you will see what plants you should farm, which are accompanied by a series of numbers in parentheses. These numbers in parentheses are related to the herbalism that you need to collect that plant.

The first thing you need to do is go and make the most of herbalism in any major city (except Dalaran and Shuttle).


Silverleaf (1), Peacebloom (1), Earthroot (15) to level 50


  1. Silverleaf
  2. Peacebloom
  3. Earthroot

Virtually every startup area that exists. If you change your area, stand next to a train to learn the next rank of herbalism.

Earthroot (15), Mageroyal (50), Briarthorn (70), Stranglekelp (85) until level 100.


  1. Earthroot
  2. Mageroyal
  3. Briarthorn
  4. Stranglekelp


Go learn the next rank of herbalism

Kingsblood (125), Liferoot (150), Fadeleaf (160), Goldthorn (170), Khadgar’s Whisker(185)


  1. Kingsblood
  2. Liferoot
  3. Fadeleaf
  4. Goldthorn
  5. Khadgar’s Whisker


Go to the next rank (Artisan)

Sungrass Purple Lotus (230), (210)


  1. Sungrass
  2. Purple Lotus


This is the end of Artisan. You have to cut the remaining pipes in Swamp of Sorrows .The main plant you have to collect Blindweed .

This brings you to the end of Artisan (even when it turns green Blindweed . Because of this, it does not delay you, go forward to 300.


Go to Outland, where you can get the next rank (Herb Gathering ).

Felweed Dreaming Glory (300), (315)


  1. Felweed
  2. Dreaming Glory

Hellfire Peninsula This is the only area for this part, many spawns that make you pass this part faster


You have to loot every plant you see in these two areas: Zangarmarsh and Terokkar Forest

If you have a bird, you can stick these two areas together to make the cartoon faster.

Felweed (300), Dreaming Glory (315), Ragveil (325), Terocone (325), Flame Cap (335)


Now you can go to Northrend and get the next rank (Herb Gathering )

Goldclover (350)

Goldclover ,Goldclover I personally recommend the tundra which has more spawns


From the following two options, I personally recommend Shulazar, because firstly it is easier to rotate, secondly there are other plantsTiger Lily and Goldclover that help you roll up more easily

  1. Goldclover
  2. Tiger Lily


last part!!! The last part is quite simple. All you have to do is Lichbloom from the following two areas.

  1. Lichbloom
  2. Lichbloom

Just because this plant grows a lot, you have a problem because it is less common, but in any case, it is easy to work. This will also help you a lot in getting gold, so take your time and farm Leach Bloom.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. This is the fastest way to 450 herbalism.

If you see a problem, feel free to post it in the comments section, then we can fix it quickly.

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