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Guide to choosing the best breed for each class

Guide to choosing the best breed for each class

What’s the best race for you in WoW ? Whether you are one of the old Warcraft players who remember the memories of 2004 or you are a new player who is eager to see what Azeroth was like in the beginning, here we want to show you how you can choose the best available race for each class. We also point out their strengths and weaknesses.

There are many guides to what’s the best race in WoW . To be honest, it depends a lot on your taste and which one you prefer. Gaining experience is the key to adventure. Consider this post as an overview of what to expect and a review of the pros and cons of each breed, but do not expect one of the breeds to be the best choice.

The WoW Classic title has a good balance and each race has its own perks .


The Dwarf is a small yet stubborn breed from the Khaz Modan continent in Eastern Kingdoms that is an ideal choice for players interested in a Lord of the Rings-like experience.

Their main base is Ironforge , which has easy access to Stormwind , the Alliance ‘s largest city . Ironforge or Stormwind is the ideal place for newcomers to the game to experience the crowded world of gaming. Dwarf breed has four different perks : Find Treasure , Frost Resistance , Gun Specialization and Stoneform . Hunter , Paladin , Priest , Rogue and Warrior classes for the Dwarf raceAre available.

Thanks to the Stoneform and Frost Resistance perks , the Dwarf race is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to participate in PvP battles , regardless of the class they choose. For example, if you want to defeat Rogue or Warrior enemies .

Stoneform is a big advantage. Dwarf races are relatively tough, so they perform well as Warrior or Rogue . They have two special perks that are great for PvP battles .

Fear Ward lets you defend against Fear for 10 minutes , while Desperate Prayer instantly restores castor health.


The Gnome breed is equipped with many gadgets and technologies that are reflected in their perks and the classes you can choose from. Selecting them starts the game in an area close to the dwarf area, so they can easily reach Ironforge and Stormwind .

The Gnome breed has four different perks : Arcane Resistance , Expansive Mind , Engineering Specialization and Escape Artist . Mage , Rogue , Warlock and Warrior classes are available for this breed.

Gnomes work best as Mage or Warlock . This is because of the Expansive Mind , which increases their intelligence as well as their mana . The probability of spells becoming effective increases with increasing intelligence .

Gnomes are very weak as Rogue or Warrior , and there are really no distinct perks that make you consider their combination for a factor other than being new. Also, if you want to choose Engineering as a profession, Gnome is a great choice.


If you choose the Human race , the game begins in Elwynn Forest , an area near the town of Stormwind . The Human race is a good choice for Alliance players .

It is easy to explore their starting area and you can make the character look like you. Humans also have more perks than many other races , and you can choose from more classes.

The perks of this race are Diplomacy , Mace Specialization , Perception , Sword Specialization and The Human Spirit . You can choose the Mage , Paladin , Priest , Rogue , Warlock and Warrior classes for the Human race .

Along with the Dwarfs , the Human race is the only Alliance race you can play as a Paladin . Humans are a good all-round choice. The Human Spirit enhances the human spirit and the special Desperate Prayer perk allows them to quickly regain their health in the last seconds.

By selecting the Priest class, you also get a special perk called Feedback , which causes the attacker to lose mana at a constant speed. Weapons expertise also means that this breed is a great choice for the Rogue and Warrior classes

Night Elf

Night Elf breeds are a perfect combination of different characteristics. Night Elves are a complex and fascinating race that makes them a fun choice for role-playing players. By selecting this race, you start the game from the Teldrassil area , so if you want to see the main Alliance centers like Stormwind , you have to travel a long distance.

Night Elves have four perks : Nature Resistance , Wisp Spirit , Quickness and Shadowmeld . Druid , Hunter , Priest , Rogue and Warrior classes are available for this breed.

Night Elves are the only Alliance race where you can choose the Druid class . Druid is a combination of many other different classes that have the ability to fight as a tank , DPS , magic caster and healer . Night Elf can also be a good choice for the Rogue class , considering perks like Quickness and Shadowmeld .

It does not matter if Druid or Rogue are both great options for Night Elf . If you choose the Priest class , there are special perks like Starshards that deal significant damage to the enemy in 6 seconds, and Elune’s Grace causes less damage to you.


If you prefer physical combat to magic, start an adventure with the Orcs from Durotar to reach the capital city of Orgrimmar . This is a good start for newcomers who are unfamiliar with Horde and want to see what happens. Orcs have four perks : Ax Specialization , Blood Fury , Command and Hardiness

The essylization boss of the race sees what is at stake. However, after a steady season, the Hunter , Rogue , Shaman , Warlock and Warrior classes can be selected for the Orc race .

Orcs are a complete choice for the Horde , just as Humans are an ideal choice for the Alliance . Ax Specialization and Blood Fury make them attractive options for warriors such as Warrior or Rogue classes , but Command is a great perk for Warlock and Hunter classes .

Hardiness is a useful advantage for those who want to connect to a PvP server as well, as it can help the player a lot when dueling.


Taurens , which are a kind of big cow, are smarter than they seem, thanks to their shamanistic background. By selecting this race, you start the game from the Mulgore area and later you can move on to Thunder Bluff , which is a richer and more diverse city. By choosing the Tauren breed you have to travel a little more than other breeds.

Perks available for Taurens include Cultivation , Endurance , Nature Resistance , and War Stomp . You can choose the Druid , Hunter , Shaman and Warrior classes for the Tauren race .

If you want to develop your Herbalism skills, Tauren is a perfect choice and Cultivation is a great perk to increase your skills.

War Stomp is a good choice, if PvP is your plan or if you want to fight the Warrior class as a tank over and over again . Also, if you want to choose the Shaman class, it makes sense to choose the Tauren breed .


Trolls live near the Orcs, and Orgrimmar is their capital city. Traveling with trolls becomes relatively easy. Trolls have five different perks : Beast Slaying , Berserking , Bow Specialization , Regeneration and Throwing Specialization .

Also available classes for this breed are Hunter , Mage , Priest , Rogue , Shaman and Warrior .

If you want to play single player, Troll Hunter is the perfect combination of different capabilities. Beast Slaying , Bow Specialization and Regeneration are a great combination of different perks , and along with it, you can compete against many PvE scenarios as a single player . If you choose the Priest class, you can use the special Hex of Weakness perk , which weakens the enemy and reduces its damage by up to 20 units for 2 minutes.

If you want to take part in PvP battles , it is very difficult to deal with the Troll Priest class / race combination .


The Undead breed is not physically very similar to other Horde breeds . The Undeads are located in Tirisfal Glades and it takes some time to reach other non- Undead players , but there are many reasons why Undeads are a good choice.

The different perks of this breed are Cannibalize , Shadow Resistance , Underwater Breathing and Will of the Forsaken . Mage , Priest , Rogue , Warlock and Warrior classes are available for Undead .

Cannibalize is an extraordinary feature for individual players focused on raising their level. Combining the Undead race with the Warlock class is a good option for players interested in role-playing.

Will of Forsaken is very reliable with all Undead classes when you take part in PvP battles . If you choose the Priest class, you get the special perks of Touch of Weakness and Devouring Plague , which together make Undead Priest a very useful choice in combat.

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