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tactics Halion in The Ruby Sanctum

tactics Halion in The Ruby Sanctum

Tactics Rs boss in world of warcraft When you enter ins, Baltharus the Warborn is to your left .

And Roberton is a short distance from General Zarithrian and to the right of Saviana Ragefire .

Fighting these small bosses is not very difficult, but if you wipe hard, know that you are not ready to fight the main boss and it is better to work more on your gear.

Surrounding boss tactics:

Do not stand on the Whirlwind .

As long as the add-ons are alive, Baltharus the Warborn reproduces add-ons of his own, like himself.

Main boss:

halion has 44 million hp for a normal 25-person and 18 million hp for a normal 10-person.

This bus has 3 phases:

tank should keep the face of the boss away from the members

Range dps can stand at a distance behind the boss and next to the boss, melee should only be next to the boss, ie should not be too close to the head and tail of the boss.

The healers should not be just the boss by observing the distance from the boss.

  • First phase :

As the fight begins, the boss forms circles of fire around which no one should be in these areas. .

The boss randomly hits a Fiery Combustion person who is in the form of a debuff and attacks 4k every 2 seconds. That person is neutralized after 30 seconds of this debuff.

Note : Fiery Combustion can be dispelled, if you dispel this debuff according to the number of debuffs hit on its target, it will explode and attack around it and the one who is close to it will be thrown around.

So until you see that you get the debuff, quickly move away from the raid to dispell quickly and evade less attack.

If you allow your debuffs to increase, you will be the wipe reader.

Also, in the first phase, halion shoots fireballs from the sky to the ground. Before the fireball reaches the ground, its location on the ground is determined, so you can see these changes. Quarters of fire spread to the center of the collision, just be away from it.

When the hp bus reaches 75%, we enter the second phase.

  • The second phase :

In this phase, the portal opens the bus that everyone except MT and a healer must enter the portal, the part of the bus that is outside the portal can not be relied on. The players inside must maintain their position as in the first phase.

In this phase, a spell similar to Combustion is played on some players called Soul Consumption , only shadow damage is used instead of fire damage, which is a similar tactic.

Twilight Cutter : Another form of fireballs that were in the first phase, these shadow-like spheres are located on both sides of the portal space, directly opposite each other. As they begin to emit purple tones of alarm among themselves, Reed members must move quickly upon seeing this scene so as not to collide with the wave created by the spheres.

This wave crushes the whole hall at least once completely around the mezzanine horizontally with whatever it encounters.

Note : There is 20 seconds until the orbs are inactive, Ride does his best to lower the hp boss.

When the Hp boss reaches 50%, we enter the third phase.

  • third phase :

A portal is created that takes players to both the real and virtual world, meaning that in both worlds the boss can be relied on. The leader must divide the dps into two categories, some in the real part of the body and some in the imaginary part , The distribution of dps should be balanced so that the boss in both worlds is reduced by the same amount of hp.

If a weak place works, a strong place causes the hp boss to be added to it in both worlds as much as it is added in each world, and you have to hit the boss forever (in this phase, the reed is divided into two parts, each part is also Must have a number of healers, dps and tank type.)

It is better to send more range dps to the real world because Fiery Combustion is less dangerous for the ranges, because they are far apart, they can be dispelled quickly, and melee can be better in the imaginary world with beams (the same balls). Purple) work.

The spells that were for the first phase are no longer effective in the third phase for those who go to the real world, but the spells of the second phase in the third phase will continue for those who are in the imaginary world.

Also in this phase, the boss throws a buff on itself, which increases its attack rate in each world and less in the other world.

For example, if the number of attacks in the real world was higher, the attack rate of the boss would be less in the real world and more in the imaginary world.

  • hard mode:

Phase 1 changes : Fireballs that fall from the blue sky in this phase turn into elemental fires when they reach the ground, where the ot must take the largest elemental and the smaller ones must destroy the raid with aoe.

Phase II changes: The number of purple orbs or spheres is 4, which divides the environment into 4 to a quarter when the death ray is emitted, of course.

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