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Leatherworking job training

Leatherworking in WoW can be a good job to make gold, but in higher levels, when you are just upgrading it, it costs a bit and to some extent it does not make you gold at all .

I recommend that you either have a certain amount of gold with which you can upload LW, or select skinning and upload it at the same time as uploading the skinning guide that I provided here.

LW is a job that gets up quickly and if you want Goldton to get off the paddle! A simple job for this job is also to go to the auction house and make and drop items.





Terms used:

Sup: This is the Leather Working Supplies

LW: Leather Working

Salt: Salt that they buy from sup


What to make: x19 Light Leather

What do you need: Take or skin 57 Ruined Leather Scraps from the auction house ?


10 to Light Armor Kit : You must use 10 of the Light Leather you made for it.


5 Handstitched Leather Cloaks : You can use the remaining 5 Light Leather Cloaks, but you have to buy another one, then buy and make 5 Coarse Threads from LW Supplies.


40 to Cured Light Hide : You have to buy 40 to Light Hide , I do not recommend farming it at all.

It’s very hard, and if you want to farm it easily, you have to use Dungeon units like Wailing Caverns or Shadowfang Keep , unless you have a lot of character, then you have to buy 40 salts and make these 40.



20 Embossed Leather Gloves : Go and buy or light 60 Light Leather and 40 Coarse Threads from Sup and make 20 stones


15 to Fine Leather Belt : 90 Light Leather that you can buy or farm. Make 30 Coarse Threads from Sup and 15 stones and do not throw them away because we will need them later.


15 to Cured Medium Hide : You need 15 Medium Hides that you can repurchase or farm (Farm from skinning the Range Lol unit between 20-30 in Barrens , Ashenvale , Duskwood and 1K needles ). Do not throw this away because we need these too.


10 to Dark Leather Boots : Buy or Farm to 40 Medium Leather The farm method is as follows: 20 to Fine Thread , and 10 to Gray Dye .


5 Dark Leather Cloak : Again 40 Medium Leather and 15 Fine Thread and 15 Gray Dye



15 Dark Leather Belts : Buy 15 Fine Leather Belts and 15 Cured Medium Hides that you have previously made and maintained with 30 Fine Threads and 15 Gray Dye from Sup and make them.


5 Hillman’s Leather Gloves : You need 70 Medium Leather that you can buy or farm and 20 Fine Threads from Sup and make these 5.


30 Cured Heavy Hide : 30 Heavy Hide items are needed to get or farm from Ah.

(The farm is from Green Scalebane , but the chances of dropping are very low.) Make 90 salts and these 30.


5 Heavy Armor Kit : Buy or farm 25 Heavy Leather from Ah. (The farm is from a unit in Stranglethorn Vale or Dustwallow Marsh , the chances of dropping are very good)


Guardian Pants x10: Collect 120 Heavy Leather either with Ah or Farm. You also need 20 Bolt of Silk Cloth to buy from Ah or a Tailoring and 20 Fine Threads from Sup and make these 10.


10 Barbaric Shoulders : Requires 80 Heavy Leather and 10 Cured Heavy Hide (see 150-165 for construction) +20 Fine Thread from Sup


20 Guardian Gloves : 80 Heavy Leather , 20 Cured Heavy Hide and 20 Silken Thread from Sup



35 to Nightscape Headband : Buy or farm the required 175 Thick Leather . (Farm from unit in Feralas ) +70 to Silken Thread from Sup


15 to Nightscape Pants : 210 to Thick Leather and 60 to Silken Thread


15-25 Rugged Armor Kit : Buy or farm between 125-125 Rugged Leather from Ah (farm area of ​​the unit is in Winterspring ) Fold between 15-25 25 To be required)


20 Wicked Leather Bracers : 160 to Rugged Leather , +20 to and +20 to from Sup Black Dye Rune Thread


15 Wicked Leather Headbands : 180 to Rugged Leather and +15 to Black Dye from Sup and +15 to Rune Thread from Sup


Now we are going to the stage where the expensive stage is the price of the part or peeling too much !!

So I recommend cutting half and half of each (unless you either have a lot of gold or no gold at all) because farming this amount of leather is a bit tedious (as far as I can tell. I was a farmer.

You can probably get about 630 Knothide Leather , depending on whether or not each item level straight.

If you are leveling up your character in Outland, you will get at least some of this leather in leveling up your character (if you have skinning)


25-40 Knothide Armor Kit : 100-160 Knothide Leather from Ah or Farm ( Nagrand and Blade’s Edge Mountains ) It is not known if it will give you two or one level.


5 Thick Draenic Boots : Get the required 50 Knothide Leather from Ah or from Farm. 15 Rune Threads required.


20-30 Thick Draenic Vest : between 180-420 to Knothide Leather +60 to 90 to Rune Thread from Sup, because its level-up is random, the values ​​are different


Now everything is getting to its more expensive stage (but it is more expensive than this) and in this case, if you do not have a farm, you must link your LW to Trade and start with low-level people whose items are suitable for you. .

You should sell at the most expensive price and do not think about making gold for yourself because there are a series of items that are either very expensive, you should give them a ton of gold, or just farm.


Borean Armor Kit 30 – 35: Between 120-160 to Borean Leather from Ah.

Location of the complete low-rise unit farm in Northrend .

You Borean Leather Scraps farm Borean Leather . You need to make 30-35 stones.


Arctic Gloves 20-30: Buy or farm between 200 and 300 Borean Leather from Ah and make between 20 and 30 stones


5- 15 Nerubian Leg Armor : between 20 to 60 Heavy Borean Leather (made from a combination of 6 to Borean Leather ) and between 5-15 Nerubian Chitin , I prefer to buy from Ah, because the best farm from Azjol –Nerub unit .

Although it drops from a normal unit, its darp rate is much, much lower in a normal unit.


At this stage, you will reach the most difficult and very, very expensive price if you want to buy these items … but you can sell the items made by this section in Ah with a good profit.

To help you, you need to make 25 of each of the Fur Lining Arctic Fur Enchants you need to farm 25Farmesh is one of all units between 75-80 levels, which of course has a very low drop rate.

There is a better chance that you can get it from the unit in the dungeons or ridges of Northrend , although its drop rate is still low. Of course you can also buy them from Ah.


10 – 15 Leggings of Visceral Strikes : Between 120-180 to , between 20-30 to from Ah or Farm. (Farm in WinterGrasp Eternal Air Heavy Borean Leather )

That you can even sell the Eternals in Ah and help you get some gold.


50 to 10 Frosthide Leg Armor : between 10-20 to Arctic Fur and between 10-20 to Nerubian Chitin and between 5-10 to Frozen Orb that you can buy from Heroic Dungeons or through Emblem of Heroism .

I recommend that you find people who read Enchantment themselves, and tell them that the material is their own. In this case, you only get a profit to build and no need to spend extra.


10 to Durable Nerubhide Cape : 20 to Arctic Fur , 400 to Nerubian Chitin and 10 to Frozen Orb , you need to buy or farm these and bring your business to 450.

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