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The Auctioneer package will completely change your action house experience. Working with Action House Using this plugin with the famous Trade Skill Master plugin, in addition to saving your time, will make you earn a lot more gold through Action House.

One of the features of this plugin is adding a tooltip for different items. In this way, after installing the plugin and scanning the craving action, various tooltips will be added for your items .

For example, the number of items seen in Action House, the lowest purchase / sale price of the item , and so on.

This addon has several tools and it is not included in this article. In a separate post, this plugin will be fully taught.

If you work with a lot of action during the day, be sure to use this addon .





برای دانلود ادونس Auctioneer ورژن 3.3.5 کلیک کنید

  حجم فایل : 3.08 MB

 رمز فایل :

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