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Horde Warlords


Horde has always had more changes than the Alliance, especially in relation to the warlord. Read more about “Hord warlords over time:

Black India : The first Hord warlord to become a warlord or warlord at the time of the formation of the Hordes by vote of the Orcs and as the ruler of the most powerful Orc tribe. Rather than being a warlord, he was the toy of Goldan and the Shadow Council, who was eventually killed in a duel by Orgrim II Hammer.

Hammer II Orgrim : After killing Black India in McGora or a duel, he became a warlord. From the very beginning, he confused the Alliance with his war tactics and defeated Andwin Lothar. Due to Goldan’s betrayal, he was forced to retreat and defeated by Ittihad and was imprisoned.

Gram Hell Scream : He was not considered the Hord Warlord, but he became the leader of the group he had brought together after the Hord defeat. When the son of Ork Sharif Duratan, named Troll, was found, he was supported and the Horde was re-formed by freeing the Orc prisoners. One of his most courageous deeds was to kill the hereditary demon and free the orcs from the magic of his blood.

Evergrim II Hammer : He escaped from the prison of Etihad and found the trawl in front of the shaman under Duratan, Derek Tar and the Frost Wolf tribe, and became a warlord again. He was killed in the battles for the liberation of the Hordes, and before his death, he called the trawl the Horde Warlord and gave the Trawl his legendary hammer, his second hammer and his famous black armor.

Thrall : This name was given to him by humans meaning slave. His real name is Goel. He was raised as an infant by Adlas Blackmore after his parents died of infidelity. Eventually, he escaped with the help of Tartha, his human sister, and when he saw Tartha killed by Black Moore, he razed his headquarters to the ground. He, who had become a shaman by learning to understand the strings, joined the inheritance circle in the event of cataclysm and was replaced by Garoush Hal Skrim.

Garosh Hell Scream : The son of Gram Hell Scream, but the most hated warlord of Horde. His actions include the assassination of Kieran Bladoff, Sharif Tavern, the shameless use of magnets against the Knight A Corps, the destruction of a tram by a Mana bomb stolen from a spectator belonging to the Blue Dragon group, and the attack on the peace zone. Pandaria pointed out. He was eventually rounded up by the trawler himself and killed, and then the trawler shunned war and replaced Wolgin.

Wolgin : He was the son of Senjin and a troll shaman, as well as the leader of the Dark Spear tribe. He was in Pandaria during an incident in which Garoush committed suicide and was found and treated in critical condition by his Pandaria’s friend, Chen. He was also involved in the Battle of Tramor, although he opposed Garush, he also fought alongside the Tral and the demons. Finally, under the inspiration of his , before his death, he called Silvanas Wendranner Varchif Hord and immediately joined his .

Silvanas Wind Runner : Recently became a warlord. Once upon a time, he was the elf and commander of the elf, and was killed and revived during the Leach King Arthas attack, as the queen of the Banshi. He cunningly found his body and escaped from Artaxerxes’ leadership, leading the Forsyths or the Abandoned. He eventually joined the Horde and is now the Horde Warlord.




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