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Battleground Training – Alterac Valley

Battleground Training– Alterac Valley

One of the most complex BGs

Basic information about this battle:
Number of players: minimum 10 and maximum 40 on each side ( 25 people in Rated Bg )

Related Reputation: Stormpike Guard (Alliance) Frostwolf Clan

TvB (Tower and Base)

How to win this battle:

In this battle, the team that can hold its TvBs and the TvBs burn the enemy, the team that can defend its own boss and destroy the enemy boss, the winner of the team whose score is 0 sooner is the loser.


When the battle starts, you have to go to the TvBs with 3 to three teams . Take the opposing team to burn the TvB that you took. One team must stand there and defend the TvB to burn the others. We prefer to have 2 healers, 1 tank and a hunter .

The time required to capture the TvB flag is eight seconds

It takes time to get the Graveyard flag

Each Score that each team takes from the opposing team 1 Score

Reduces the opposing team

The time required for the TVs to catch fire, or in other words, to cap them! It’s 4 minutes

If your TV burns down, your score will decrease. HP boss and NPCs will also decrease.
I don’t know how much it will decrease, but it will decrease very much.

I read somewhere that every graveyard you have makes you get 5% more honor , now I do not know whether it is true or false.

I read somewhere that if you take your TvB flag inside TvB , it will give you 50% more honor
I did not try it myself. I hope it is true.
Friends who have more information, thank you for your cooperation.

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