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Tailoring job training

Tailoring allows the player to sew Cloth Armors, make various Bags, make shirts and other Cloth Items.

This Profession allows you to create Cloth for Cloth-covered classes: Mage, Warlock, and Priest, so I recommend that these classes use Tailoring unless the circumstances are different (such as Guild conditions).

Basically , tailoring plays an important role in Guild because it can create enough bags for Guild members or even special bags like Cenarion Herb Bag which is for collecting Herbalism Materials which has more space than regular bags.

They can make more professional cloths for themselves to use in Ins, they have the ability to make very good purple items.


Tailoring does not require special tools such as Blacksmithing , which requires Enchanted Anvil , to create their items, and they can create the item using the necessary materials whenever and wherever they want(except for higher stages and specialized tailoring that requires Is Mana Loom.)

Also, this work does not require another Profession and its main materials are dropped from Units and Monsters, and even if your friends did tailoring without you , they can send you the necessary items, or you can even buy them from Auction House .

Train this job:

To train this Profession, you can go to your main cities and ask the guards where the Tailoring Trainer is.

You can upgrade Tailoring to 300 in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdom (depending on your Horde or Alliance).

To get more than 300 Skill you have to go to Outland .

Dalinna in Thrallmar for the Train

Alliances visit HamaHama Hellfire Peninsula


Special skills:

Tailoring basically has 3 specialized branches:

  1. Spellfire Tailoring
  2. Shadoweave Tailoring
  3. Mooncloth Tailoring

When your Skill reaches 350 you can choose one of these 3 branches! Just one of these. Now the question arises which branch is better? Again, there is no better or worse, it depends on your class, if you are a Mage and your talent is Arcane or Fire, it is better to go Spellfire Tailoring.

In this branch, you can make Arcane / Fire Damage clothes that are suitable for your Mage, and you can also make Enchanting Bag with 28 places.

  1. Lightweave Embroidery
  2. Swordguard Embroidery
  3. Darkglow Embroidery


If you are a Mage and you Frost Talent, or you are Warlock or Priest that you Shadow your Talent, Shadoweave Tailoring is more suitable for you.

Because this branch creates Frost / Shadow Damage items, along with the Ebon Shadowbag that Warlock players know what it is, it is a type of bag that can hold more Soul Shard .

And if you are Holy Priest Mooncloth Tailoring because the items in this category are Healing. This branch also makes one of the largest bags, the Primal Mooncloth Bag , which has 20 seats.

The largest Bag up to Patch 2.4.3 is sold in Lower City , which has 22 Slots for 1,200 gold.

You can find the Trainers of all 3 of these branches in Lower City in Shattrath . Just ask the Shattrath Guards where they are. When you train one of these three, you will be given a Quest that has nothing to do with it. And the same Trainers sell you 5 Patterns. These Patterns are very good and important items.

The important point is that : making important cloths of these three branches means:

  1. Mooncloth
  2. Spellcloth
  3. Shadowcloth

It has exactly 3 days and 20 hours of Cooldown, which means that every 4 days you can make only 2 of these special cloths.

The small thing is that you can make items for all 3 branches by training one of these 3 branches, but it takes twice as long to make the items for the other 2 branches.

You can train each of these specialties from the special Cloth instead of one, two, for example, suppose you Mooncloth , this Cloth requires a certain amount of Material, but you use the Materials of one Mooncloth , you make two of these Cloths, because your specialty Mooncloth Tailoring, but you can make the same one from other specialty Cloths.

So the point here is that:

a day, for example , and replace Mooncloth one of each with Spellcloth and Shadowcloth , and cloths that do not belong to your branch with another Tailoring.

For example, give a Spellcloth and Primal Mooncloth , and also and get a , in which case you can have 4 special Cloths every 3 days and 20 hours. Primal MoonclothShadowcloth

Another point is to make these cloths for special places.

To make these Cloths for special places, you also need to Primal Mooncloth go to Zangarmarsh and make this item next

To build a Spellcloth you have to be in the Netherstorm range, it does not matter where this range is, but note that when you build a an Elemental will attack you, I suggest you build this item in the Netherstorm Bases until the Unit appears. Reach it and you will not have any problems. From this unit, motes of two different types are dropped by chance. Spellcloth

Shadowcloth is also needed to build Altar of Shadows , which can also be found in the southern Shadowmoon Valley .



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