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Job Training Inscription

This job, which was added to the game in Patch 3.0.2, allows you to upgrade the Spells and Hero capabilities of other players and even your own Hero. For example, upgrade the backstab capability of a Rogue to inflict more damage on enemies that are stunned or confused.

Or upgrade the Circle of Healing feature for a Priest to heal 1 more person. After learning this job, you will become known as Scribes. Scribes also have the ability to allow Enchanters to sell their creations.

This means you can help an Enchanter either put his Enchantments up for sale at Auction House or send them to a friend. Scribes can also help others by creating items such as Scroll of Strength , which were previously only available through purchase or drop.

In general, Inscription is a very useful job for others and for yourself, and with the items and enhancements it offers, it can be one of the most useful jobs in the Guild and for your friends.

This job can be trained with any Hero and any Class and there is no limit in this regard

Train your job to become a Scribe As usual, you can go to one of your main cities and look for the Trainer of this Profession . In Azeroth, Horde and Alliance players can ask the guards for the location of the Inscription Trainer .

Once you have learned enough about this art, the Trainer will tell you where to go and what to do to learn more about the art, and finally, when you start as a Scribe, you should never buy a Virtuoso Inking Set . Forget the Virtuoso Inking Set , because without this item in the Script Inventory, no progress will be made.

Practicing Art When a Scribe chooses his own way to learn this job, as usual, all jobs should go to the Materials needed to make Scroll, Glyph, Vellum and items . There are parchments that you can buy from the Virtuoso Inking Set , Pigments or pigments that are obtained by crushing plants or Herb.

Milling is a specialty for this job, something like Prospecting for a Jewelcrafting job to make Pigments Mill a Scribble Five Herb by this specialty.

Therefore, it can be said that Herbalism is a complementary job to this job, so that the scribes do not have trouble making their own pigments. To get the pigment you want, you can either use the Profession page of this job or you can refer to the table below. Therefore, to make the desired pigment, you must mille the plant or the special Herb to obtain the pigment.

Those with the word “rare” written in front of them have a relatively high chance of producing Rare Pigments, which are shown in green in the game and are usually rare.

A scribe can write the glyphs he knows on the Parchments with the above commands as long as he has the skin paper or the necessary supplies and ink.

Obtained items can be put up for sale directly at Auction House , or sent to friends, or added to a player’s Glyph page.

The glyphs you add to your Spells are almost identical to what Blacksmith adds to the weapon by adding Weightstones and Sharpening Stones .

The Lexicon of Power You will find this legendary book next to Inscription Trainer .

You can also ask the guards where this book is. Whenever a player wants to Inscribe one of his Glyphs, whether he made it himself or borrowed it from someone, he has to be next to this legendary book so that he can Inscribe something on his Glyph page.

The general task of Inscribing a Spell on your Glyph page is similar to adding a Sharpening Stone to your Character page.

And it should be noted that Inscribe is not detachable like adding a Gem to items, but a new possibility can be inscribed on it, such as Gem, where you can add a socket to the item and later put another socket on it, but the previous socket Glyphs Major and Minor will be destroyed. When a Scribe was able to get his Pigments, he made the necessary inks or inks with the Pigments and also prepared the necessary Parchments. He can start his job training by making Scroll and Glyph.

However, before a Scribe wants to add his own Glyphs to his or a friend’s Glyph page, he or she needs to learn a little more about Glyphs, their properties, and the steps and conditions for using them.

The image you see in the image above is a Glyph page, you can refer to this page by pressing the P button that opens your Spellbook.

As shown in the picture, to release different glyphs, you need a certain level. In stage 15, you will get 2 glyphs.

  1. Minor Glyph
  2. Major Glyph

That means in step 15 you can add a Major Glyph and a Minor Glyph to your Hero. At Level 30 the player releases his second Major Glyph. At Levels 50 and 70, players will get 2 more Minor Glyphs, and finally at Level 80, the last Major Glyph will be released.

But what are these two types of glyphs and what are their properties?

Basically, this type of glyph affects the amount of Mana consumption, the amount of Cooldown, the amount of time a Spell has, or helps to add a new feature to the Spells. These types of glyphs, in addition to the need for higher Inscription Skill, depending on their level, also require rare inks and expensive parchments.

Scribes have a specialty called Minor Inscription Research that they can only use once a day, which randomly generates a Minor Glyph.

Just as Alchemy does the work of making Potion, Elixir, and Transmute to find more ways in their job, Scribes use Minor Inscription Research to find the Minor Glyph .


Minor Glyph can also help reduce the Mana or Energy of a Spell or add a feature to the Spell, but on a much lower scale than the current Major Glyph (up to the last available patch) the only way to get the Minor Glyph It is the same as Minor Inscription Research .

Of course , there is also a separate Minor Inscription Research plant for Northrend plants . Darkmoon Card , Vellum and other accessories.

Vellums allow Enchanting to write its own Armor or Weapon Enchantings on Vellums and use them to sell or exchange with friends.

Other players will not spend hours looking for Enchanting to Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Mongoose on their items , just head to the Auction House or ask your friends to send you a special Vellum .

And Enchanters will no longer have to wait for hours for Enchanting to sell their Enchantings, they no longer need to be physically present in the game to sell their Enchantings. All players will benefit from Vellum .

Also the last thing a Scribe can produce is Darkmoon Faire cards. These cards give Scribe or his friends a chance as a gift.


After taking the complete parts of these cards and performing the Quest for this card, you will receive a reward from those from whom you can learn this job.

1 – 19: Ivory Ink

Well , what do I want to do ?

Well, we do all our work from skill 1 to 450, these are the required flowers, then in SpellBook, I put the hero on Milling , then on the flower or the desired item.

19 – 35: Scroll of Stamina

To make this item, you also need 1 Light Parchment and 1 Ivory Ink

35 – 53: Moonglow Ink

53 – 75:Armor Vellum

75 – 80: Midnight Ink

  • To make it, I need 2that you can mille Dusky Pigment one of the following flowers .

80 – 100: Glyph of…

  • Midnight Ink to create different letters until you reach 100 .

100 – 105: Lion’s Ink

I suggest you make 60x Lion’s Ink and use 4 flower samples to make it.

Liferoot Kingsblood Wild Steelbloom Grave Moss

105 – 120: Glyph of…

  • Lion’s Ink to create different letters until you reach 120 .

120 – 125: Glyph of Arcane Missiles Glyph of Healing Touch Glyph of Mending , or

After making the above glyphs, you can learn Expert Inscription.

125 – 133: Dawnstar Ink

133 – 141:Strange Tarot

Burnt Pigment , which can be made with the following 4 plants.

Liferoot Kingsblood Wild Steelbloom Grave Moss

141 – 150: Glyph of Imp ,Glyph of Lightning Bolt ,Glyph of Sunder Armor


125 – 140: Glyph of….

150 – 155: Jadefire Ink

WintersbiteKhadgar’s WhiskerGoldthornFadeleaf These flowers can be used to make Emerald Pigment.

155 – 175: Glyph of…

  • Use Jadefire Ink to make orange Chinese characters until you reach 175.

175 – 185: Royal Ink

Indigo Pigment is also obtained by grinding flowers such as: WintersbiteKhadgar’s Whisker Goldthorn Fadeleaf

185 – 190: Glyph of Sap or Glyph of Frost Shock

190 – 200: Glyph of Revenge or Glyph of Voidwalker

Again Jadefire Ink to make glyphs Now use any of the above.

When you have finished writing these glyphs, go to Artisan Riding and learn.

200 – 205: Celestial Ink

205 – 210: Armor Vellum II

210 – 215: Glyph of Sinister Strike or Glyph of Smite

215 – 220: Glyph of Searing Pain or Glyph of Healing Stream Totem

220 – 225: Glyph of Starfire or Glyph of Barbaric Insults

225 – 228: Fiery Ink

228 – 230: Scroll of Agility IV , Glyph of Disengage or Glyph of Ice Block

230 – 235: Glyph of Dispel Magic or Glyph of Crusader Strike

235 – 247: Weapon Vellum II

247 – 250: Glyph of Cleaving ,Glyph of Soulstone

250 – 255: Shimmering Ink

255 – 260: Scroll of Spirit V

260 – 275: Glyph of…

  • Make orange glyphs to reach 275.

275 – 285: Ink of the Sky

285 – 290: Glyph of Sprint , Glyph of Execution or Glyph of Death Grip

290 – 305: Ethereal Ink

305 – 325: Glyph of…

  • ink to write each orange glyph until you reach 325 Ethereal Ink.

325 – 330: Darkflame Ink

Ebon Pigment also from flower mill:

Is obtained.

325 – 330: Glyph of…

  • Continue to use Darkflame Ink ink to make yellow glyphs until you reach 330.

330 – 345: Glyph of…

Continue to use Darkflame Ink ink to make orange glyphs until you reach 345.

345 – 350: Glyph of Whirlwind or Glyph of Vampiric Blood

350 – 355: Ink of the Sea

Azure Pigment also from flower mill:

Lichbloom Icethorn Adder’s Tongue Firethorn Firethorn Goldclover Tiger Lily Talandra’s Rose Frost Lotus

355 – 360: Scroll of Spirit VIII

360 – 365: Scroll of Intellect VIII

365 – 370: Scroll of Strength VIII

370 – 375: Scroll of Agility VIII

375 – 380: Snowfall Ink

Icy Pigment is also used to grind flowers such as:

Lichbloom Icethorn Adder’s Tongue Firethorn Firethorn Goldclover Tiger Lily Talandra’s Rose Frost Lotus

380 – 385: Glyph of…

385 – 386: Northrend Inscription Research

  • See also what is needed in the job, all of which I explained above

386 – 400: Glyph of… [ Northrend Inscription Research ]

400 – 405: Scroll of Stamina VIII

405 – 410: Scroll of Spirit VIII

410 – 415: Scroll of Intellect VIII

415 – 420: Scroll of Strength VIII

420 – 430: Scroll of Agility VIII

430 – 450: Northrend Inscription Research and Glyph of…

The fastest way to continually improve your job skills is to use Northrend Inscription Research regularly and build the glyphs you discover.

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