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Mining is one of the most powerful jobs for goldsmiths, even when you are up from 1 to 450 and can help you add good amounts to your gold, compared to other jobs that offer raw materials (skinning and herbalism). Mining takes awhile, but in any case, you can make a good living.

If you take this shuffle at the same time as Engineering , in level 80 you can get gold very well and quickly. In this case, while the power of the Auction house is in your hands, this is the fastest way to make gold, this guide shows you how and where to become a good miner.

  • This will help you a lot if you know where every Vein is spun, so I will introduce you to a good addon that is Gatherer : File Password:
  • Before we get started, there is a very important inch that helps you keep up the speed:

Scroll of Enchant Gloves – Advanced Mining helps reduce Failed Attempt messages, and another thing it does is make it less likely for you to reach areas where Veins have to go green, or things on your Mining listUse green and it helps to connect different sections of our text.





  • Note: In this post, it is written as a summary of areas and places to drop and find the necessary mats for this job, but we will provide you with a special and complete picture with accurate and complete punctuation, where every mat of this job can be found. We have prepared that by clicking on any link below, you will go to the guide page of the desired form of the Mining job , where you can see the exact areas where these mats are found.



1-65 : Copper Ore

Regions: All the starting areas where every character you make comes in and where I prefer: Dun Morogh for Alliance, Copper Vein for Horde.

You do not need to form all 65 level , then after collecting 30-40, go to Forge and fix the rest.

66-125 : Copper OreTin OreSilver Ore

This part is very hard to find. Tin Ore is very annoying. The best area for it is Thousand Needles.

  • The exact coordinates of the Tin Vein from which the Tin Ore stone is dropped

And if you’re a horde, you definitely have to go there for level -up, if you’re in the alliance and you have good access to it, and at the same time you want to go there, well then that’s the best thing to do, but if you can not get there easily, you have to Rotate to the area.

I personally walk in Lakeshire, Loch Modan and Southern Wetlands. There is a cave with a handful of spiders.

When you reach 75, you can use Silver Ore Ores to melt them down to level -up. You can continue to do so until 125.

In many servers Silver Ore with Silver Bar r has a price, so you can buy it off, melt it and resell it.

According to this method, you do not get anything other than Ah money (of course, the values ​​are different in the servers, check the price first, then do this)

75-125 : The fastest way to melt silver is If you do not have enough gold to buy silver, or you do not want to melt gold, continue to form the same tin tin and Copper copper to melt them, then make bronze with them.

Learn Expert Mining at 125

125-175 : Iron Ore

Areas: Badlands – Arathi Highlands – Hillsbrad Foothills – Thousand Needles Fortunately, there are many and this helps to speed up the work. I move between the areas I mentioned (except for Thousand Needles, of course).

When you become 155, the ability to melt gold is added to you, which you can do for gold as you did with silver.

You can form or melt it which helps you in level up. From level 155 to 175 you need about 30-40 Gold Ore to help you .

175-230 : Mithril Ore

Regions: Badlands – Arathi Highlands – The Hinterlands – Tanaris It doesn’t matter which character I’m in, Horde or Alliance, I still like to spin between the Badlands – Arathi Highlands and The Hinterlands if needed.

It is true that methyl is very spawn, but for people who want gold, it is important and it is shaped by them, so you may encounter some Veins without Ore or no Vein at all (my experience is in three different reels), just spin.

230-300 :Truesilver OreMithril Ore

In level 230 you can turn Silver Ore to Silver Bar (of course, you have to learn), like Silver and Gold Shaml, you can start up by buying its Ore from Ah and turning them into ingots. Train to avoid getting stuck in Lolton.

that I told you about Truesilver Ore.

After level 245, you canThorium Ore , this is to have that +5 with that Enchant, if you do not have up to 250, continue with the same metril.

The areas where you can farm thorium are Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge, when you reach 250 you can choose between farmingThorium Ore or turning thorium raw materials into ingots and so on.

You should continue to do this until 270 or 275 (depending on Enchantment).

When you reach 275 you can finallyRich Thorium Vein . I still recommend the same Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge and East and West Plagueland.

300-325 :Fel Iron Ore

Go to Augustland and take the next Mining rank in Hellfire Peninsula and you have Fel Iron Depositto find the Fel Iron Ore is extracted.

325-350: Adamantite Ore

Areas: Nagrand You have to go to Nagrand and there you can catch Adamantite. There are 2 caves in Nagrand that belong to the Ogrands. Eat.

350-400 :Cobalt Ore

First make sure you have mastered the Grand Master and then you can farm in the Borean Tundra area, Spawn has a few points but the re-spawn speed is high, in any case I always choose the Zul’Darak area myself Which is more secluded. But my friends use Borean.

400-450: Saronite Ore Titanium Ore

This is the last area for you to go to. There are two areas that are great for Saronite, the first is Sholazar Basin and the second is IceCrown. My friends even go to Storm Peaks, but that area is part of the farm area.

For the Titanium Ore drop, you can farm in the same areas as Icecrown, Sholazar Basin, and The Storm Peaks, and you will not be bothered to level -up.

So you get bored in this part, but in any case, enjoy it because it is the last part.

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