World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

World of warcraft Training

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We have three ways for you to send a message:

1- Sending a ticket: This item will be answered very quickly

2- In the contact us box: Below this post, you can write the text of your message and then send it to us

3- Send email:

1- Dedicated site management email

2- Email the training section

About us, it should be said that one of the oldest people in the field of game server design and training, including game servers:

  • world of warcraft
  • counter source
  • counter global
  • counter strike
  • call of duty

We have the ability to design a variety of game sites using professional and secure site builders as well as corporate private sites – creating various forums.

Our goal in creating this website is to provide accurate information and guidance about the wow game and to set up dedicated servers for these games.

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In the support ticket sending section, you must first register on the site and after you log in, you will be transferred to the user panel section, then we have considered two ways for you to send a ticket. Community Verified icon

In the first case, we designed a box that is on the first page of your user panel, and you can easily send us comments, questions, etc. on the first page of the panel.

The second case is the same, and the difference is that after clicking on the ticket, you will be transferred to a special page, which is designed for you.

The image above is marked with these two methods.

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You can share your personal questions with us if possible