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Complete Alchemy Job Training

This job is for making different types of Flask – Potion – Elixir, etc., each of which is useful for the player, and one of the advantages of Alchemy for the job holder is that it doubles the time of Flask or Elixir, and of course you can earn a lot of Gold for Raising Alchemy should be your second job Herbalism.

This job is to dig flowers from the ground.

You can learn this job from Dalaran or the main cities of Horde and Alliance. Now, to learn Alchemy, you have to go to the main cities of Horde and Alliance, such as StormWind and Orgrimmar . Click on them and select Proffesion Trainer and then click Alchmey.

This job is closely related to herbalism because the main ingredient in Alchemies is herbs, which are made by herbalists .

People who choose this job can not get herbalism , but they must have a good financial status to buy the materials needed from the auction house .






Elixir Master : This job produces Elixirs, Flasks many times over

Potion Master : This job produces potions many times over

Transmutation Master : This job multiplies Alchemy conversions like Saronite Bar to Titanium Bar you can choose
only one.

Master of Elixirs : Go to Hellfire Camp to get the Quest

Alliance and Horde :

After receiving the Quest, you must prepare the following items:
Essence of Infinity (10)
Elixir of Major Defense (5)
Elixir of Mastery (5)
Elixir of Major Agility (5)

Quartermaster Urgronn for Horde
Logistics Officer Ulrike for Alliance

Now to get Potion Master you can get Quest from Lauranna Thar’well in Zangarmarsh .

You must collect the following 4 materials.

  1. Botanist’s Field Guide
  2. Super Healing Potion
  3. Super Mana Potion
  4. Major Dreamless Sleep Potion

For Transmutation Master you have to go to netherstorm . Zarevhi will deliver the Quest to you.

You need to make 4 Primal Mights that you need to drop from the Elements:

  1. Primal Earth : Drop by Sundered Thunderer .
  2. Primal Mana : Drop from Unbound Ethereal .
  3. Primal Water : Drop from Skettis Surger .
  4. Primal Air : Drop from Storming Wind-Ripper .
  5. Primal Fire : Drop from Incandescent Fel Spark .

Let’s go to the main point of work alchemy quests to see the photos and images together, just as it is clear in the pictures, I did all 3 quests and put the photos together.

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