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Blacksmithing job training


Blacksmiths take iron molds from miners and turn them into very useful tools. There is a lot of armor and weapons that can not be obtained from any vendor or inventory, but the blacksmith can make them.

Blacksmiths can make weapons and armor for Paladin and Warriors.

Blacksmiths can also make Adamantite Sharpening Stone and Adamantite Weightstone to increase weapon power. They also make several tools needed for other jobs, such as the Enchanting tool, which sells the blacksmiths a good income.




Overall, blacksmithing is a good job for warriors and paladins, so they can make their own weapons and armor, and it is also used to make weapons and armor for classes that can use them, so it is a lucrative job.

To train this job to become a blacksmith you have to look for someone like Alard Schmied .

Find this person in your main cities and ask the guards where this person is. When you have learned this profession, go to your magic page (press the P button) and look for Blacksmithing in the General section. This button is yours. Takes to the relevant page of a blacksmith tool.

Now you have to buy yourself a Blacksmith Hammer

Usually there is a salesman next to Trainer for this job and he sells this tool to you. To make all the tools, you must have this special hammer with you. Some tools also need Enchanted Anvil .

You can find this device next to your Job Trainer

You can see the training of this job up to 300 in the main cities, but to learn more, you have to go to Outland and learn up to 375 there:

Horde players have to go to Rohok in Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula Bern to learn the job Alliance players have to go to in Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula Bern to learn the job Humphry


Special Skills : In the higher stages of this job, players can focus their careers professionally in one of the branches of Armorsmith or Weaponsmith . In addition, Weaponsmith has 3 branches:

  1. Master Swordsmith
  2. Master Axesmith
  3. Master Hammersmith is divided.

You can choose only one of the first two branches, and if the Weaponsmith branch is selected, one of the second three branches. Deciding which armor is more important to you or the weapon is up to you.

After selecting, you can make very useful weapons or armor for yourself. If you are in the Guild, you can ask which item is needed for the Guild. Change another.

But to do this you have to spend gold to give up Armorsmith : Level 1-50 equals 25 gold, Level 51-65 equals 50 gold and Level 66-70 equals 100 gold

To withdraw from Weaponsmith : Level 1-65 is equivalent to 5 gold, Level 66-70 is equivalent to 10 gold to withdraw from one of the branches

  1. Master Swordsmith
  2. Master Axesmith
  3. Master Hammersmith

Level 1-50 equals 25 golds, Level 51-65 equals 50 golds, and Level 66-70 equals 100 golds. Buy.

Some instructions are obtained from creatures. Very useful instructions are obtained by obtaining Reputation from different layers of the game. To unlock Blacksmith , tasks can use Skeleton Keys .

To specialize in the Weaponsmith branch, go to Winterspring and Kilram

For Master Axesmith go to Lilith the Lithe

For Master Hammersmith and to Seril Scourgebane

Go for Master Swordsmith , all three located in Everlook . These three will train you without any missions.



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