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PVP Mutilate Rogue


Complete PVP Mutilate Rogue training

In this post, you will get acquainted with the following tutorials

1- The best Enchantments for PVP Mutilate Rogue class

2- The best socket and gem for PVP Mutilate Rogue

3- The best talent – Talent for PVP Mutilate Rogue class

4- Rotations or how to play with PVP Mutilate Rogue class

Our recommended professions for this class are Engineering ‚ Jewelcrafting .

It has the power to disappear and always stabs from behind! The main weapon is a knife (dagger) and the dps speed is staggering for close-ups and lads, which is a scary movie! But the heroes of the paladin – DK – warrior plate cover are not too hard to beat!

Well, first of all, let’s go to the stats:
agility —–> More attack power as well as crit chance

mastry —–> Increases Evicsrate damage and increases slice and dice attack percentage

crit —–> Chances add damage

haste —-> attack speed and energy regen

hit —-> Reduce the chances of miss attacks

expertise —-> Reduce the chance of becoming PARRY / DODGE

Now the priority of these stats:

haste <hit cap <crit <mastry <agility



  1. Glyph of Mutilate
  2. Glyph of Vigor
  3. Glyph of Sprint

موارد پیشنهادی دیگه در رابطه با viable

  1. Glyph of Tricks of the Trade
  2. Glyph of Gouge
  3. Glyph of Cloak of Shadows

  1. Glyph of Vanish
  2. Glyph of Blurred Speed
  3. Glyph of Distract

  1. Meta: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond
  2. Red: Bright Cardinal Ruby
  3. Yellow:
  1. Blue: Nightmare Tear x1

  1. HeadArcanum of Triumph , Arcanum of Torment
  2. ShoulderInscription of Triumph , Greater Inscription of the Axe
  3. CloakEnchant Cloak – Major Agility , Enchant Cloak – Shadow Armor
  4. ChestScroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats , Enchant Chest – Exceptional Resilience
  5. BracersScroll of Enchant Bracers – Greater Assault
  6. GlovesEnchant Gloves – Crusher
  7. WaistEternal Belt Buckle
  8. LegsIcescale Leg Armor
  9. BootsEnchant Boots – Greater Assault , Scroll of Enchant Boots – Tuskarr’s Vitality


  1. Main-handScroll of Enchant Weapon – Berserking
  2. Off-handTitanium Weapon Chain

Well, let’s go to the most important part of Stats

5%Hit > Agility > Crit > Expertise > Haste


Killing a Rogue with a mage is not that hard, and because the horn is vulnerable to spells, 2-3 Frostfire Bolts are probably enough!

But the question is, how can you do magic to a horn that is unseen and does not want you to come from Stun ?!

This class can have the most DPS damage in the whole game. The spy can disguise himself and also has spells for this mode. When the spy is in disguise, he is hardly seen by other units of the game or the opposing players. This class can gain more wealth than any other class because it has the ability to pocket and unlock.

This class can also use clothes made of leather.

This class can fight alone with several units (by confusing other units and killing each one of them).

Some spells in this class are based on filling a 5-stack with other spells and other spells are based on the amount of stacks on the opponent. The spy has a fast running spell that is very useful when you feel like you are being killed.


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