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Jewelcrafting Job Training

This is the most lucrative job in the game. Jewelers can obtain high-quality jewelry from various ores through the Prospect profession they learn.

With this high quality jewelry, they can make sockets to add many capabilities to their items and other players.

These sockets are basically classified by color. Sockets are divided into three categories (yellow, red and blue) based on color.
Each item may have the ability to place multiple colors of sockets on it.
Therefore, these precious stones must be placed in sockets of the same color to have their main capability.
But the jeweler is free to place any socket on the item with any color and there is no limit in this regard, but some items for sockets of the same color as the socket requested from the item gives the player capabilities that if the socket is not the same color This feature is lost.
Sockets are not detachable from items, but another socket can be placed on the old socket that will remove the previous socket.

The jeweler definitely needs the Jeweler’s Kit to make the stones and sockets , which he can buy from the sellers.

To cut some stones and make some tools in Skills above 300, sometimes you need a Simple Grinder . See.

Alliances must go to Exodar and Hordes must go to Silvermoon to learn the jewelry profession.

These are the only places you can visit in Azeroth to learn this job . They have sockets.

So you will learn the profession of shaving socket after reaching Skill 300. To learn this profession in Outland and for Skill above 300, refer to Hellfire Peninsula .

Alliances can refer to Tatiana at Honor Hold for instructions on making sockets

Hordes refer to Kalaen in Thrallmar for instructions on how to make sockets .

The best type of sockets is obtained from the Reputation of Shattered Sun Offensive area . To get the stone needed to shave these types of sockets, you have to kill the Black Temple creatures and get the stones from these creatures.

These stones are also sold for 15 Badge of Justice pieces by a Shattered Sun seller in Shattrath City .

It should be noted that the jeweler can make sockets that have better capabilities than Black Temple stones , but it is Soulbound, so these sockets can only be used for the jeweler himself.

For example, one of the sockets made of Black Temple stone gives the player i 10 Critical Strike Rating, while the jeweler can make 12i Crit for the self-socket with 2nd grade jewelry.

Special skills: The only special skill of our job is Prospecting ores. Outland jewelry is basically divided into three levels.

Type 1 : These are the same jewelry that comes from the Black Temple or the price of 15 Badge of Justice , which is usually used for items to make sockets.

Second and Third Grade Jewelry : Outland is obtained by prospecting Adamantite Ore or Fel Iron Ore stones .

It is possible to get jewelry from every 5 ores. Thus, every 5 pieces of Fel Iron Ore with a 17% probability of 3rd grade jewelry and with a probability of 1.1% will give a second grade jewelry . .

Jewelers usually make their items with strong sockets that are made of grade 2 jewelry. Socket item: There are a total of 8 different colors or types of sockets: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, prismatic and Meta. With the exception of meta sockets, all other sockets can fit in any color.

However, combining the color of the jewelry with the socket allows you to use the additional capabilities specified in the item Socket Bonus.

The main color sockets (yellow, blue, red) will be paired only in their color sockets. The secondary color sockets (green, orange, purple) have the ability to fit in two sockets, which are obtained by combining the two colors as Example Orange is obtained by combining yellow and red colors, so it fits in the yellow and red sockets.

The prismatic socket, which consists of a Void Sphere and a Prismatic Sphere , fits into all socket colors except meta, and adds a Socket Bonus. Prismatic sockets add to the Resistance value of all spells.

Primary color sockets only enhance one type of feature. For example, only Stamina

But the sub-color sockets increase the two types of player capabilities, but by half the main color.

For example, there is a blue socket that only gives the player 15i Stamina, there is a purple socket that gives the player 7i Stamina and 5i Strength. Meta sockets only fit in their meta sockets. Which is only seen in very high-level Head items.

Special stones for shaving meta sockets are obtained by Alchemy Works by transmuting several stones and Primal . Meta sockets need certain amounts of color sockets to fully deliver their power.

Therefore, to meet the meta-socket need of your item, you may skip some Socket Bonuses and apply the required colors to the items.


More tips : You can go to Black Temple , Sunwell Plateau or Mount Hyjal to get first class jewelry .

Black Templ e and Sunwell Plateau creatures as well as Mining Ancient Gem Vein in Mount Hyjal are the way to get this type of jewels. To get jewels from Mount Hyjal with Mining , it is necessary to pass one of the Encampments, ie kill all creatures, Two Boss on the way.

After killing the Boss and talking to Lady Jaina Proudmoore or Thrall , these Veins will appear between the two camps.

Many first-class jewelry shaving instructions come from the Reputation of Shattered Sun Offensive and Scale of the Sands .

On the jewelry page, sockets are categorized by color, meta, and other sockets, so it is easier to find the sockets needed by a particular color or type. Prospecting at least one piece of jewelry is a must.

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