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World Of Warcraft training

World of warcraft Training

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  Using these add-ons, you can change your Action Bars

  Using this Addon , you can see the Gs heroes around you

  With these add-ons you will be able to see the Damage Done and Healing Done of the entire Raid

  These add-ons allow your Threat to be displayed on the Target above the Hp Bar .

Download Addons All Stats If we want to summarize the use of this addiction in one sentence, better view the characteristics or stat of the character that you do not need to see for example Agility between different tabs.

Download the Weakaura addons and how to work with it Weakaura is a wow plugin with which you can display any information about Buffs, Debuffs, Cooldowns and که that you want to see in your UI or monitor screen.

Download addons AZCastBar This add-on replaces the default CastBar of the game and makes it easier to see weavers, weavers and spells.

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