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Learn Zul’Gurub boss tactics

Learn Zul’Gurub boss tactics

The first boss: High Priest Venoxis is out of the boss room, there is a pot of green material. All members of the group click on a method and enter the room. Good healer

When the boss goes up, players must quickly escape the green laser beams and not touch the green stripes on the ground.

The second boss: Bloodlord Mandokir has an interesting system. This boss is such that the boss accidentally kills a person.

The boss also has an add that revives it every few seconds and this add moves towards the spirits and destroys them. Players must slow down and destroy the add immediately after reviving it, as well as razor blades. The underground goes out that if someone is clear, he will be killed

Edge of madness You have to find 3 dishes in the hall and put them together to form a boss. So far I have become acquainted with 2 types of boss here, each of which has a tactic.

For example, the one whose name I do not name randomly marks a person and that person has to kite the boss and the other boss, which is similar to rogue, spins around every few seconds and aoe around him that players have to move away from him quickly.

The third boss is the high priestess of kilnara , who is initially a female troll

There are several groups of panters around that you have to destroy them and at the same time reduce the hp of the boss to reach a certain percentage and turn it into a panter troll. Players must stay away from this wave in time to avoid being attacked

Fourth boss: There is a zanzil that has 3 green, purple and white pots around it. What a spell

For example, if the text is red, you should quickly click on the red container, which will cause fire damage around you and destroy small add-ons, or when the color changes to white, one or two players (preferably range) should click on the white container. There is a big add in the hall that these people should target

And by attacking it, the body freezes with this big add for a few seconds and its hp decreases, and for green, which is a green container, the only important point is to interrupt the boss in time and always be ready to move. Players’ feet that need to be moved quickly

Fifth Boss: It is Jin’do the Hexxer , it has 2 phases (phase 1 and phase 2) ^^ In the first phase, everyone should be inside the bubbles that make the boss in time so that they do not die. Place the bubbles to add more dmg and enter phase 2 faster.

In the second phase, the boss goes away and the players have to fight with 3 things: 1- the spirit add-ons, which are black and must be killed quickly. Break the chains and use the arrows that are fired at the players from the boss side and the players must dodge them in time.

Note : The important thing about the second case is that you should not dps these big add-ons because we need it as long as there are 3 chains (if you see that the tank eats a lot of dmg immediately after breaking the first chain Click add and drag another add for the next chain and so on until the end)

The system of this big add is such that every few seconds or minutes, a person is marked with a purple mark and a mark on that person’s head.

So the person who was marked must be close to one of the chains so that he can quickly go to the chain so that he can jump there and break the chain. When the chain is broken, all the dps must hit it quickly, accurately, happily



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