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Beginner Making Macro in Wow Today I want to teach you how to make a Macro, which is very easy and at the beginner level Well, let’s go to the first tutorial, type Macro / or press Esc and select the Macro option.

A collection of practical and useful Macros for Hunter All-in-one sting macro No matter what features you pay attention to, it either uses it in the target or, if the shift changes, it uses it in your focus target.

A set of functional and useful macros for the warrior Some super useful macros for Warrior:

How to use an item with macro This post is also dedicated to the beginner and basic training of world of warcraft, which is to use items using macros such as Trinket, potions and…

مجموعه Macroهای کاربردی و مفید برای Mage

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