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Activity of the last two months, on the site and database

In this post, we intend to describe the activity of the last two months on the site and database:

  1. Changing the domain of the site and database
  2. Editing of text tactic posts on the site ( status: under editing)
  3. Adding some quests to the site
  4. Adding videos to training missions, which is very time consuming ( status: under editing)
  5. Editing educational posts related to game jobs
  6. Adding daily quests training to the site
  7. Fix site template bugs
  8. Adding spawn to the site database, including object, npc
  9. Adding quests up to the Shadowland version to the site’s database
  10. Adding npc’s up to the Shadowland version to the site’s database
  11. Adding new screenshots to the site database
  12. Increasing the speed of the site’s database and fixing the previous slowness
  13. and fixing bugs and reported items

Note: In the last one year, we did not waste even a single day without working on the site or the database , and since there are a lot of posts both on this site and in the database, that’s why a lot of this work and effort It is not visible.

Regarding adding video to the training of quests, we first take a video of the steps of completing the quests, and then edit the video and upload it on the Aparat site, due to the lack of storage space on the site, which takes a lot of time and the number of quests. In addition, below you can see a photo of the process of adding to the posts.



God willing, after completing the mentioned items, we will publish the new tutorials of the world of warcraft game very quickly, and we thank all the visitors who mentioned this issue.

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