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Beginner to advanced level training of World of Warcraft

Join the millions of heroes in the world of Warcraft! A world full of magic, legends, myths, and endless adventure awaits you. Will you become one of the legends of inheritance? Everything you need to get started is here!

Of course, if we want to pay attention to all aspects of this game, we have to spend hours and even weeks reading about it. But our first WoW tutorial is to make the process easy and fun.

In this game, there is no specific goal and mission that you want to complete to enjoy the game; There are many main story and side missions and side activities such as discovering strange places, hunting giants and scary creatures and even fishing in the game, each of which will be fun for you individually or collectively.





In order to move step by step from beginner to advanced, we have considered the following for each postal training, which will be as follows:


  • The first step is to download the wow game and create an account:
  1. Download and install world of warcraft training
  2. Is World of Warcraft worth playing?
  3. Account creation guide
  • The next step is to build the hero and choose the right race:
  1. Choose the best race for each class
  2. The main statistics and which race is better for a class
  3. Guide to choosing the best breed for each class


  • In connection with choosing the right race, we have prepared two training posts regarding the best classes for dps and healer:
  1. The best classes for Healer
  2. The best classes for DPS
  3. Complete roll healer training
  4. Complete Range DPS roll tutorial
  5. Everything you need to know as a tank!


  • After creating the hero and entering the game, you should have information about the settings and how to control the character, how to move the character. In this regard, you should learn the following tutorials:
  1. Disable wow game tutorials
  2. Map reading and navigation in wow game
  3. Necessary training including: trainers, equestrian, banks, action bar, magic book, power resources
  • The next important step is to get the hero to his maximum level, the following tutorial can help you:
  1. What is Levelup?
  2. See better with these maps
  3. Start a mission (Quest), complete a mission, deliver a mission


  • After you have decided to increase the level of your character’s level by completing missions, and after leveling 20 animals, you should get acquainted with them as a vehicle that will take you to your destination sooner. In this regard, see the following posts:
  1. What is a Mount?
  2. World of Warcraft mount montage tutorial clip
  3. Mounts 310%


  • After entering the game, items will be displayed for you, for example, on the right side of the monitor screen, bag – in the same part at the top of the screen, small map and date and time, etc. In this regard, you should read the following tutorials:
  1. Learn how to use items and bags


  • The next step is for you to learn the most important and widely used tasks that you deal with every day and every minute, including:
  1. How to get the Quest – do it and deliver it
  2. Learning to use the Auction House
  3. Training item
  4. Work training
  5. Work Cleaning Tutorial
  6. What is a Friend List?
  7. What is a Who List?
  8. What is Character Info?
  9. How can we repair the items that turned red ?!
  10. What is Achievement?
  11. What does glyph mean in wow?
  12. What does talent mean in wow?
  13. Where to get Pve and Bag item maps?
  14. Learn how to change the font in wow

Play with others, sooner or later you will receive missions with the title “Group”. Obviously, you need a team to complete such missions, and you can not do it alone (these missions will usually have better rewards). Not so bad.

  • In this regard, you should learn the following tutorials:
  1. Invite to the group and build a guild
  2. What do Pve and Pvp mean in Warcraft?
  3. What is Raid Info?
  4. Learn to play PVE
  5. Description of wintergrasp
  6. Dungeon training


  • You may not understand the terms used by some players in the game to see the following:
  1. World of warcraft terms
  2. World of Warcraft idiom instruction video
  3. Terms of Word F Warcraft Series 2
  4. World of Warcraft Glossary


  • Macro game can help you become a professional in the game, so you need to learn macro writing:
  1. How to use an item with macro
  2. Teach macro writing in simple language
  3. Advanced macro tutorial wow


  • After learning and practicing a lot of the above, you can learn the following professional trainings:
  1. What is Resistance and Spell penetration?
  2. What are Armor and Armor Penetration?
  3. World Of WarCraft Specialty Content
  4. How to become an ambassador?
  5. Everything we need to know about sockets and their performance
  6. Sub-specialized topics related to wow


  • Finally, we have various and useful posts about how to play in world of warcraft, which can be referred to the following posts:
  1. Learn wow
  2. If you want to play Warcraft then you need to know
  3. Wow – World of warcraft beginner training
  4. Welcome to the world of World Of Warcraft
  5. Horde or Alliance is the problem!

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