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Boss tactics Anub’Rekhan – naxxramas

Boss tactics Anub’Rekhan – naxxramas

  • Ride layout for 10 people:
In this situation, you should have 2 or 3 tanks, but of course, if you want to go with 2 tanks, they should be absolutely good tanks, and usually 2 or 3 hellers are enough. DPSs like Rog and Paladin that have the ability of province (stun) are a better choice!

  • 25 people:

In this situation, 2 to 3 good tanks, of course, 3 are better, because if a tank makes a mistake, it should not be wiped, and 6 to 8 hellers can be good for this boss .

Ingredients: means items and specifications that at least some members must have

It is recommended for tanks to have at least 25,000 pushes in a 10-person ride, and for a 25-person ride to have 32,000 or more pushes. ! dps should have about 12 to 15 thousand pushes and about 15 thousand mana or at least close to 15 thousand mana, but for 25 people dps and hellers should have about 14 to 17 thousand Push and have nearly 17 thousand mana

  • Weavers:

As usual, you should try to use more stamina weaves than the standard weavers, because this weave increases your push and can be used when the boss impals (a type of boss skill that spears out of the ground) because Hellers usually do not have much pushing and die easily!

  • Boss abilities:

In normal mode, this boss has 2200,000 pushes, and in heroic mode, it triples, that is, 6700000, in 10 people, the boss hits about 3 to 5 thousand tanks, but in 25 people, it hits about 7 to 9 thousand tanks, so reason dictates that the main tank Have at least something up to 540 defenses

Cavity guards:

  • 10 people:

One of these guards starts to appear every once in a while. They have a group of attacking locusts. They have about 234,000 pushes and they start to appear from behind the boss. Attack looks like they have a normal agro and have the following abilities

They play closely and damage about 2 to 5 thousand.
They cleave (massively and in a millimeter) about 1000. They randomly select a hero who is 20 to 30 yards in front of the guard and give it to him. They hit a poison that has 500 damage each time it hits and they throw you in the net in a radius of 20 to 30 yards and the person in the net can not move when one of them halves his helium goes crazy and does 60% more damage. And it gets 60% faster.

  • 25 people:

This heroic ride will start with up to Crypts Guards, and in this ride, these guards have 521,000 pushes. Rate up to 2 at a time!

Locust Swarm :Well, as the name implies, this boss ability shows locusts that have a mass property and affect up to 30 yards, and it takes 5 seconds to use.

This skill boss is every 70 to 120 seconds and those who are exposed to this ability score points and damage 875-1125 to each group in 2 seconds (1313-1687 for 25 people) and if 2 or 3 groups are on you You have a very good chance of dying fast. This skill takes 16 seconds in 10 people and 20 seconds in 25 people.

As long as you are spotted, you can not use any skill, even automatic attack, but you can use potions. This ability takes about 90 seconds to be used again, but the first time it may be used earlier than 90 seconds.

Impale :throughout the fight and hits this ability. Of course, this ability can hit anyone and randomly chooses his target. Or if they gather around that hero, a skill will also affect them and 4813-6187 (5688-7312 in 25 people will be damaged and thrown into the air and 50% of the damage will fall on the ground, so be careful where you stand!

Summoning rare corpses:
This skill is used randomly throughout the fight, and if there is a corpse inside the room, the boss summons that corpse and from that corpse creatures called rare corpses, the number of which depends on the type of corpse. It is different, for example, with the corpses of the hole guards, up to 10 rare corpses appear, and with the corpses of the players, 5 rare corpses appear. They die or those who are masters in a group

Boss rage (Enrage)
This is why you make the boss angry because 10 minutes have passed and you have not hit the boss yet, so the boss increases its speed by up to 50% and its damage by about 500%, which will end you soon. You will be wiped

  • Strategy War tactics:

The pull How to pull the boss: The main tank should jump and catch the boss and the remaining 1 or 2 tanks (second off tank tanks) on the first hole guards (2 guards in 25 people) and the second tanks should be head to head. Jump on the new guards that appear and in 10 people, at first, there is nothing like the second tank.

(Second tank = off tank) The main tank, after jumping and catching the boss and if it holds the boss, should start moving and pull the boss to the back of the right corner and hold the boss in the same way as on the boss. To the niche (of course, the main tank should leave this place soon)

The second tanks, which can be 1 or 2, must jump and catch the hole guards that appear and move to the left so that they are as far away from the main tank as possible. The second tanks must face the hole guards. If it is on them and tanks at the farthest point of the ride, because this causes the add-ons to attack the second tanks of the body and
weave them and have nothing to do with the rest of the ride. They should be at a distance from each other and stand in the center of the room so that they have the longest distance from the boss and guards at all times.

The Fight:
Well, when the tanks are in place, the dps have to quickly pull the hole guards and stay away from their abilities, and when the guard decreases, they go crazy and start using abilities. Which has a cast and may damage the second tanks.

Second tank hellers should always try to be at the farthest distance from the guards. Second tanks should always remember to catch all the guards that appear quickly (guards usually appear from behind the boss) and The dps must first kill these guards. The dps and tanks on these add-ons must try to stun the guards as much as they can, because in this case they can not hit the cast with abilities, which makes them ride. Eat less damage

When the guards are killed, the dps must move to the boss and the second tank to the center of the room and stop there as soon as the new guards appear and catch them!

Always make sure that everyone stands at a distance, because otherwise many people will be damaged
by impale ability. The main one starts to move on the leash and goes backwards so that if it gets too far away from the boss, the boss will not follow it, so I think it is not a bad practice for the main tank to know how to move!

When the locusts are cast, all the dps and hellers must be ready at the other end of the room to jump on the guards whenever the guards appear and their second tank catches them, but with the assurance that they are not within the boss locust range. 30 yard) Soon the locust cast is over and this skill starts on the boss and the main tank must move on the edge to the niche on the other side of the room and the boss follows the main tank and flies to the other side of the room. Clockwise. Also, do not stick to the wall and do not go into the mud, which means that the group of fewer locusts will damage the main tank of the body, and others should not catch any group of locusts.

While the locusts are cast by the boss, the boss can move at a speed equal to 75% of its original speed, so it can be moved without damaging the main tank. Again, try to stay away from the locusts. It makes sense that the main tank Catch a group of locusts before they can get out of their range. There is no shortage of lambs and lambs in the middle of the ride) The tank must be slow enough for the boss to follow and fast enough for the locusts not to reach it!

This continues until the main tank reaches the entrance of the room, at which point it must tank the boss there, until it casts back the locust ability boss, and the dps and the second tank must be ready as soon as the guards appear. Kill them and bring the dps to the boss again
, but when the rare corpses appear, players who have massive or AOE damage abilities must kill them quickly, which of course is not a difficult task due to the low hells of those corpses, but only if These AOE players are listening

But when Boss starts casting the locusts again, all he has to do is repeat the first situation, but this time with the left, that if you do it right, Boss will return to his first place, where the fight started!

The locusts are cast every 1 to 2 minutes, and each time they are cast, the boss goes around half the room, and this continues with each cast!

  • Information about classes Class Tips:

Main tank:
The main tank must see the cast time of the boss abilities so that, for example, when the locusts cast, they can start to go around!
Second tank (off tank):
The second tank must surely catch the guards quickly so as not to go to the dps and heliers.

  • healer:

In 10 people, you have one helser for the main tank, one for the rider and one helser for the second tank, which can push the rider when he is not working, and you can add more hellers if you need to!
In 25 people, 2 helsers for the main tank, 2 for the second tank, and 2 for the rides. The second tank hellers can help others when they are not working, and you can add a helser wherever you need, but keep this in mind. The locusts combine with their boss and the main tank takes a lot of damage and fails to use the
reducing abilities of these damages. In both 10 and 25 person modes, you have impale air because it can easily kill players.
And finally, when the locusts appear, do not stick to each other and avoid boss and adds as much as possible!

Millie dps should have the ability of locusts and as soon as the tank starts to move away from the tank and be ready to kill and stun the guards, so it is better a few dps that have a previous stun and a few Which have AOE capability (for corpses) in the ride

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