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What is Resistance and Spell penetration?


Well, the topic I want to discuss is Resistance and Spell penetration!


What is Resistance? And what does he do?
It literally means resistance and resilience! If you remember, in physics, electronics, resistance was always indicated by the letter R, which was an abbreviation of the same word!
In the world of Warcraft, this term is a factor for the hero to resist the magic elements {Magic Schools}!
Now what are the magical elements themselves? School Magic Schools ج Magic
elements include 6 elements: Fire Fire Fire}, Nature {Nature}, Shadow} Shadow}, Ice {Frost}, Arcane {Arcane} and Holy Light {Holy}

I would also like to say that the Holy element has no resistance at all! {If the Paladin class was miserable}

Now how does this Resistance factor work!

The mechanism of this factor is such that the amount of damage decreases exponentially!
I am writing the formula for calculating the amount of damage reduction of this factor to you:
Damage Reduction Percentage = 100% * Effective Resistance rating / K + Effective Resistance Rating

The K factor for the level 80 target is 400!

Damage Reduction Percentage which is the same amount of damage reduction through the Resistance factor

Effective Resistance Rating itself is obtained through another formula which is as follows:

Effective Resistance Rating = Rb + Max ((Lt – Lc) * 5, 0) – Min (P, Rb RB is the value of Resistance Target!

Lt is your level value!
Lc is your first value!
P is the value of your own Spell Penetration !

For example, if Priest Shadow duels with a Paladin! Paladin class Resistance value according to Arua Shadow Resist is 130 and if Priest Shadow has no Spell Penetration value!
According to the formula and calculations, the amount of 25% of Priest Shadow attacks on this Paladin will be reduced due to Resist!

You said that the amount of Resistance can be increased with some weaves, such as: Gift Of Wild, Druid class, and Mage Armor for Meage class, and Paladin class Arura!
Some inches can also increase the Resistance value!
To see your Resistance value against a specific type of element, you can see from your character screen that is displayed by pressing the C key!

Spell penetration:

What is spell penetration and what does it do?
A factor that ignores the Resistance value of the target for your attacks!
Some people mistakenly define Spell penetration and believe that if they have 100 Spell penetration, for example, for all those who attack that target, this amount of Resistance will decrease, which is completely wrong!
Spell penetration ignores Resistance just for you!

Spell penetration is used only in PVP, because with the exception of a few ounces of Black Temple, it no longer has any boss in Resistance!
So Spell penetration in PVE has no use!
Each 1 Spell penetration ignores the amount of 1 Resistance from the target for you!
For example, the Priest Shadow, which resisted 25% of its attacks against Paladin, if it increases its Spell penetration to the resistance value of Paladin class of 130, no amount of its attacks will be resisted!
It should be noted that this factor is used only for classes that use magic elements {Magic Schools برای for their attacks!
Like: Priest, Shaman, Mage, Druid and sometimes DK class!
Warlock class does not need Spell penetration because it has a Curse type Debuff that can reduce the target Resistance value for itself and for all 130!
The minimum spell penetration in PVP is 75 and the maximum is 130!
Less or more than this amount is not recommended at all!



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