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Learning to use the site database


The site database is one of the most comprehensive sites that works in the direction of World Of Warcraft game and includes a lot of game information in it and provides services for players to improve the information and make the game easier.


To search depends on what you want to look for, which has several sections that we will cover.

The most searched items by players are:
Item — Mount — Quest — Object — Zone (Map)

We teach these things just for your familiarity.

Search by ITEM item:
For example, we search for the item Robe of the Great Dark Beyond.


  1. Item name and item specifications
  2. In which version of the game was added.
  3. Classes that can have this item and trance
  4. The name of NPC and from whom it is dropped.
  5. Conversations about this item
  6. Screenshots of the item that is on the heroes.
  7. NPC level
  8. NPC location
  9. If the Hord / Alliance faction is red, AH means it is hostile to both NPC factions
  10. The amount of chance you have in dropping this item from this NPC.

Search by Mount:
Many people do not know how to get a mount on which, for example, a person is riding.
You just need to write and copy the name of the mount that that person is riding o

The first option is that we need the desired mount and how to get it.
After selecting the first option, you will enter the information page of that mount.




1- NPC name
2- Names of places where NPC is located.
NPC map and

Search by Quest Quest:
Many players, both old and new, have difficulty solving some quests, which we will address in this section.
For example, you took the Quest called the magical kingdom of dalaran and you do not understand what you have to do to complete this mission.
Copy the name of the quest and search the site



1- Mauritius
name 2- The name of the item that you are going to get to complete the mission {If you click on the item quest, you will be taken to a page where the names of the NPCs that drop this item quest are specified}.
3- Place of taking and delivering the mission
4- What faction is the mission for Horde / Alliance
5- Name of the person who gives the mission.
6- The name of the person to whom you must deliver the mission after completing the mission.
7- Map and location of the mission
8- You will be rewarded if you complete and deliver the mission.

Search by Object:

The word Object in the game means objects such as trees, walls, grass, mailboxes, flags, jars, books, and so on. In these cases, an item may be included that drops. .

For example,
we search for an object called Solanian’s Journal




1- Object name
2- The name of the place where the Object exists.
3- Map and coordinates.
4- Image of Object
5- Item that opens the Object.
Search by MAP Map:

To view and get acquainted with the map, just search the name of the area on the site

Example: Wetlands

By selecting Wetlands Zone, you will be taken to the profile page of this map, which we will explain


1- Name of the area
2- Description about this area
3- Pets that are dropped in this map
4- Roll this area to roll up
5- Roll for Battle pet
6- Photos of the map and the items in this map Such as: Flight masters {Flight masters} – Placing the house {Innkeeper} – Missions and…
7- Songs of this area
8- Battle pets that are in this area for Duel Pet
9- NPCs that are in this area.
10- Objects that exist in this area.
11- The missions that are in this area.
12- The item that gives the mission and is the initiator of the mission.
13- If you complete the missions, you will be rewarded.
14- The honors of this region.
15- If you use a fishing job in this area, the fish that are dropped will be identified.
16- Conversations that have been said about this region.
17- Photos of this area.
18- Videos taken from this area that you should watch with a filter breaker.



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