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Orcish (Language of Orcs!) In wow

Orcish (Language of Orcs!) In wow

Today we are with you with another world of warcraft tutorial on the language of heroes, including orcs. This language is not a real language and there is no equivalent for all words, but words are officially announced by Blizzard as I write here.

Orkish is the mother tongue of the Orcs and the official language of the Hordes.

“Aka’Magosh” = A good prayer for you (a greeting)

“Bin mog g’thazag cha” = I will protect you

“Dabu” = I obey

“Dea’mon” = jin, demon

“Dranosh” = the heart of Dranor

“Gar’mak” = sorrow

“Gol’Kosh” = with my ax

“Grombolar” = giant intestine! (Cursing honor!)

“Grommash” = giant heart (very cool and evil and God willing)

“Kagh!” = Begin!

“Lak’tuk” = torment

“Lo’Gosh” = Ghost Wolf (Ghost Wolf, who is also one of the shaman lols in the game)

“Lok-Narash” = Arm yourself!

“Lok-Regar” = Ready to command!

“Lok’tar!” = Victory (there is arrogance, but during war it is also a kind of greeting

“Lok’tar ogar” = victory or death (this is also considered arrogance)

“Lok’amon” = A hymn about starting a family

“Lok’tra” = an epic hymn about war

“Lok’vadnod” = An epic song about the life of a hero

“Mag’har” = not rotten (assigned to brown skin orcs in Nagrand. King Hord is one of these orcs)

“Mok’nathal” = Nath boys are a kind of race that are half if (Ogre) and half (Orc)

“Nagrand” = Land of the Winds

“Oshu’Gun” Mountain of Ghosts

“Swobu” = as you commanded

“Throm-Ka” = I’m glad to meet you

“Roth” = Hord

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