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PVE Discipline Priest Healer


PVE Discipline Priest Healer training

In this post, you will get acquainted with the following tutorials

1- The best Enchantments for PVE Discipline Priest Healer class

2- The best socket and Gem for PVE Discipline Priest Healer

3- The best talent – Talent for PVE Discipline Priest Healer class and tips related to gameplay and skills, team settings.

4- Rotations or how to play with the PVE Discipline Priest Healer class

The best and most practical job for the PVE Discipline Priest Healer class is alchemy and enchanting .



  1. Glyph of Penance
  2. Glyph of Flash Heal
  3. Glyph of Prayer of Healing
  4. Glyph of Renew
  1. Glyph of Fortitude
  2. Glyph of Levitate
  3. Glyph of Shadowfiend

  1. Meta: Ember Skyflare Diamond
  2. Red: Runed Cardinal Ruby
  3. Yellow: Runed Cardinal Ruby , Luminous Ametrine
  4. Blue: Runed Cardinal Ruby , Royal Dreadstone

My suggestion about sockets: First


Well, everyone knows what it does for casters, and in addition, considering the two talents Mental Strength and Rapture , it is the best state for Disc Priest in PVE.


The most important state is the Disc Priest, but in PVE Gears are also provided in case size. In addition, you can always have a Borrowed Time Talent Buff , so there is no need to use Haste Gems, but if you still have enough Haste (15 – 20% which is approximately equal to 500-670 Haste Rating) You can use Haste Gems.

Note : In PVP, because you can not always have a bug related to Borrowed Time talent and the 5 main gears do not have Haste, all Off Parts and Gems have Haste, but it is different in PVE, and if you have more than I mentioned Haste Be useless and your casting will be disrupted unless you want to use Power Word: Shield

Spell Power:

This is because everyone already knows what it does, and in addition it has the benefit for the Priest Disc, which increases the Absorb value of the shield due to the Borrowed Time talent .

Note : The use of different Gems is directly related to your Gears and should be used according to your Gears, which I gave an example about Haste, depending on your needs, you can also use sp + int or sp + haste Gems.

Important Note : Some people use Spirit Gems, which is completely wrong



  1. HeadArcanum of Burning Mysteries
  2. ShoulderGreater Inscription of the Storm
  3. CloakScroll of Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed
  4. ChestScroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats
  5. BracersScroll of Enchant Bracer – Superior Spellpower
  6. GlovesEnchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower
  7. WaistEternal Belt Buckle
  8. LegsBrilliant Spellthread
  9. BootsEnchant Boots – Icewalker
  10. Two-handedScroll of Enchant Staff – Greater Spell Power
  11. One-handedScroll of Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower



Spell Power & Haste -> Crit -> Int -> Spirit -> Mp5


My friends, for this talent from the Priest class, I will suffice with the following clip on how to level and use it.

Priest Discipline is one of the most popular classes for PVP and PVE and it has a lot of fans.

In rides, Priest Diss can be a good supporter of Ride and, in addition to Hill, strengthen the Ride by shielding the tank or people who are damaged.

To give DPS with Priest Dis, you can damage the boss with Penance ,Holy Fire and Smite level, and in exchange for your DPS, people whose HP is low, thus increasing your DPS with a lifting heater.

In general, healing does not have a special rotation, so it can be said that first this dimension and then that one and the same repetition, because the situation you are in determines what you should do, but there is a point for using different spells, which I say one by one.

Penance :

The most important disc spell that gives a significant amount of hill in 3 waves as Chanel.

The point to note about this spell is that it should be used when the amount of hill is completely transferred to your target and not over healing. Of course, this is a general point about using any type of hill spell, but about this spell A special ozone that is both large and variable (from the smallest to the largest amount is very different) is a little harder

Flash Heal :

The most important bad spell is Penance , which has the most use and everyone knows what it does.

This is usually done for a strong burst hill:

Power Word: Shield >> Penance >> Flash Heal

Or if you want to be even stronger, you can use Greater Heal instead of Flash Heal

If you want to have 2 people, you can change the target from Penance and use Flash Heal or Greater Heal on the second target.

Note : If you want to use Greater Heal or Prayer of Healing spells , be sure to do so when you have Borrowed Time because these spells have a high cast time and do not take much time to use them.

Prayer of Mending :

The best case for this spell is when 2-3 people are close to each other and rotate between them (for example, tank and off tank)

If this spell is used correctly, it can be considered a type of AOE hill

The best time to use Azin Spell is when several people who are close to the same are eating damage (for example, Lady Deathwhisper Boss on D&D and standing)

I emphasize again that this spell should be used at the right time, otherwise it is not efficient. You can not close the shield either. Due to the debuf and Penance , the CD of this spell can also save it, but it does not work well.

Power Word: Shield :

In general, Priest and its shield, especially the disc, do not need much explanation .

Binding Heal :

Its work, which is specific and used, as well as it saves a lot of your time and mana and has many uses, do not forget to use it !!!

Pain Suppression :

The work that is known and the spell is very extraordinary and should be used depending on the situation on the right person, which is usually a tank or one of the healers that are more important.

Power Infusion :

It depends on what boss you are dealing with. If it is a normal boss, use the spell CD to Berserk .

For the time being, if there is a bus that needs more DPS and the healing is not too hard, like DB, you can coordinate with one of the caster DPSs, and when it wants to burst and use its CDs and trinkets, use this method for more DPS.

Like when Mage uses Icy Veins and Arcane Power spells

Divine Hymn :

It’s clear what it does, just be careful when you use it, make sure the shield is on you so that Frost Channeling does not hurt.

Of course, this spell is not very useful because it is not worth the time it takes from you

Renew :

It is not used much in Disc, but it is always good to be on the tank

Also, in a special case where, for example, one or more people eat a weak damage and are not supposed to eat other damage until 10 seconds later, this spell can be used to avoid wasting time for casting.

Holy Nova :

Sometimes it works like the one mentioned aboutRenew , but with the difference that everyone in your group and close to you can use Azin Spell, but the thing they do not pay much attention to, and sometimes they use this spell is that this spell is only for people. Your own group, which is close to you, gives hills, not people!

Desperate Prayer :

This spell gives you the right amount of hill and the good thing that this spell has is that it is Instant, this spell should be used at the right time, when you have it and there is no time for you to hill, this spell saves you really, so do not use it. And save it for special occasions

Fade :
Always be careful to use this spell because you are wearing Cloth and you may even be transferred to the gallows with 1 attack, instead of cutting something when Roton comes, use it with complete composure.

Inner Fire :

Note that this is always active on you because it gives both armor and a significant amount of SP, some people forget to recharge when the number of this buff is exhausted. The number of charges of this weaver without talent is 20 and with talent 32

Disc Priests have a better DPS than other healers. Of course, this case is mostly used in PVP, but in PVE it can be used under the bus, which also requires a lot of DPS (I myself do not sleep under a bus with a DPS Priest, even if it leads to Wipe)

To do this, you can useShadow Word: Pain Shadow Word: Death ,Devouring Plague ,Holy Fire , Smite and spells .

Note : Even if you do not intend to give DPS, if you always have theDevouring Plague on the boss, it’s good because it hills itself.

Important Note : If you have low mana and you want to Shadowfiend , you should note that you must also use the Hymn of Hope spell along with this spell, because the amount of mana that you get from will also increase, and this spell itself will have a certain amount of mana. Gives you I do not have the patience to count Aphex for an hour, I will just give an example from my own priest to see the difference: Shadowfiend

My Priest has 30k mean without buff, which I get about 10k with Shadowfiend Shadowfiend , while when I Shadowfiend with Hymn of Hope !!!!


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