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Skinning is a very simple job to do, and can be very lucrative, depending on the price of the leather in your auction house .

Skinning is a great job to roll up when you have your own character rolling up, and if you have a leatherworking tanner , it helps a lot.

Although skinning may not be the best way to make money professionally and is not very similar to other jobs, but it is very easy and does not require much gold to upgrade (all you do is peel every animal you kill !!! And from Do not use special materials)

It’s great to have your job up and running with your character at the same time. And it’s worth it to spend two or three more seconds right-clicking on that beast’s corpse, especially when you get to Outland and North Rhine and in North Rhine you have a chance to loot Arctic fur, which is pricey. It is very good in any server (it does not matter if it is Blizzard or private servers). In any case, let’s go to the main point.

Up to Scale 180 Alliance and Hord are separated and I write them separately, and then we will pair them together !!!




Alignment 1-75

For this group of loops you have to go to Dun Morogh .

And creatures named:

  1. Elder Crag Boar
  2. Crag Boar
  3. Large Crag Boar
  4. Scarred Crag Boar
  5. Small Crag Boar

And a series of other creatures:

  1. Wendigo
  2. Young Wendigo

Kill what you see and peel it. The range of this unit is between 1-10, so if you are a Level 80 character, this will be very fast for you. You can easily beat any unit! Peel a squash, grate it and roll it in 75 minutes. Unless you want to skin-roll up your character at the same time.


Alliance 75-130

Now you have to go to Loch Modan .

There you have to kill all kinds of bears, hogs and Young Threshadon that you see.

Alliance 130-180


The next stop is Wetlands .

In this area, you will find crocodiles called:

  1. Wetlands Crocolisk
  2. Giant Wetlands Crocolisk

Dinosaurs like:

  1. Highland Raptor
  2. Mottled Raptor

And baby Crimson Whelp every animal you see and try as much as you can to exterminate these infinite animals (which, of course, will not become extinct, do not worry at all!).

The range of the units here is between 20-29, which is still easy to kill for high-flying people. You should start from the western part of the area and continue your killing to the east.

Hordes 1-75

In 1-180 horde skinning is very convenient, you have to start the cartoon from Durotar

Draw creatures like Mottled:

  1. Corrupted Mottled Boar
  2. Dire Mottled Boar
  3. Elder Mottled Boar
  4. Mottled Boar

As well as Scorpids:

  1. Armored Scorpid
  2. Corrupted Scorpid
  3. Venomtail Scorpid


Kill them, their range will be between 1-10 and very easy to kill.


The next place to go west is Durratar, or Barrens.

Go there and start killing:


  1. Adult Plainstrider
  2. Fleeting Plainstrider
  3. Fleeting Plainstrider
  4. Greater Plainstrider
  5. Ornery Plainstrider
  6. Plainstrider

And Prowlers:

  1. Flatland Prowler
  2. Savannah Prowler

Make sure their range is 10-25.

Horde 130-180


Now you have to go south of The Barrens , towards Thousand needles .

In that area you have to kill all the hyenas, lions, oxen and Greater Thunderhawk whose range is between 22-31.

Now you have reached a point where the Horde is no longer separated from the Alliance and they are one. The first area that has many units for killing and peeling is called Stranglethorn Vale , which is very easy to go to.


Now you have to go to Stranglethorn Vale and kill every Lashtail RaptorShadowmaw Panther Young PantherStranglethorn Tige and Short War Tiger that is between 30-37 levels. .



Now you have to go to Gurubashi Arena in the same Stranglethorn Vale and kill some dinosaurs, gorillas and Cold Eye Basilisk who are in the range of 37-44.


For these steps, you have several choices as to where you like to go, the first being Azshara where you have Thunderhead Hippogryph whose range is 45-55.

The second choice is the Un’Goro Crater , where you have to tear down every dinosaur that still has a range of 45-55.

I personally prefer Un’Goro for this part, but remember to start from the east and end in the west, as the LoL Unita increases in the same way.



This part is one of my favorites for skinning, because the unit has a lot of peeling and is spread all over the area.

You have to go to the Hellfire Peninsula and kill the Helboars Hulking Helboar and Quillfang Ravager .


Another place I like is Nagrand .

You have to Clefthoof Bull and other creatures that can be peeled, the range of the Lollies is between 64-67.


Then we come to Blade’s Edge Mountain , which has a lot of units for extinction and extinction. You have to kill all kinds of wild animals and skin them, their range is between 65-68.



Now you start earning some money by selling your leather.

There are two areas you can go to, the first being the Howling Fjord , where you can Shoveltusk Stag and Ram in the east side of Westguard or the west side of the Ford Wildervar.

Another solution is to go to the Borean Tundra , where you have to kill the mammoths south of Fizzcrank Airstrip.

I really do not prefer one place to another, both areas are really great, but if you like the soundtrack Howling Fjord is a good place to enjoy with the speaker on. The lull range is between 68-70


The Grizzly Hills are a great area for skiing. Deer has mountain deer, bear and wolf, which range in size from 73-75.


This is the last and best place to finish skinning.

An area full of units, green that does not bother your eyes, good background music (many of my friends are surprised to see that even the background music of the area is important to me, but well, one of the things that makes the game enjoyable) and a handful The beast that you have to hit and disable them. Giraffes, crocodiles, gorillas, and many more that range from 74-76.

If there is a problem, say it again in the comments section, I hope you have taken full advantage of it.

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