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The story of Cataclysm with a new update – New Cataclysm Story


Silvanas found a new motivation and goal. On the other hand, the planet Azrath had undergone many changes. For example, we can mention Deathwing, who regained his lost strength and power. Get rid of war and chaos swept across the planet Earth. That’s why Genn Greymane decided to put up walls all over the country; This measure was very useful in dealing with external threats, but it could have been very difficult to deal with if threats and danger had formed within the walls.

The curse of Worgen was a new and ominous event that befell the people. According to this curse, people lose their conscious mind and become monsters. Fortunately, they can be persuaded to regain control.




  • Troll decides to travel to Otland and change the leadership position of the Horde group to Grosch

Troll, on the other hand, decides to travel to Holland to learn more about the ongoing riots and even to try to solve the problem. On the other hand, since Troll was the leader of the Horde group, he had to choose a replacement for himself in the leadership position. Because Groosh had somehow gained the trust of the trawl during previous missions, the trawler chose Groosh as interim leader of the Horde after considering the aspects. The trawler’s decision sparked controversy among Horde’s senior officers. People like Cairne and even Groosh himself expressed concern about the decision. With these descriptions, the trawl to Holland left the Horde group and the management of the Horde group was handed over to Grosh.

Intra-group clashes intensified between the Hordes, and even clashes broke out between the Alliance and the Hordes. Crane believed that Groش’s decisions were not in line with what Horde was fighting for, and so Crane challenged Groشe in a bold move. Crane asked Groosh to fight to the death. The winner of the field could take the lead of the Horde.

  • Conspiracy against the catastrophe and the beginning of the events of Cataclysm (Cataclysm)

The story becomes interesting when the villains of Groosh, by dipping his weapon in a deadly poison, made Crane lose his life in this fight. Following this, Baine rose as Crane’s son to lead the Horde. In the same vein, Death Wing, on the other hand, caused a chain of natural disasters to occur in the Aras by rising from Deepholm. The scale of the catastrophe was such that the boundaries between the physical and the mental world were blurred. The event of Cataclysm, as it began with Deathwing’s entry into the abyss, later ended with the death of the dragon.

From this point on, Troll called himself Go’el; The name his parents gave him. During his voyage to Otland he was able to recruit the Kezan Goblins; Creatures led by Jastor Gallywix. The Goblins lost their island during the cataclysm story and joined the Horde.

On the other hand, Goel allied with the other dragons to defeat Deathwing so that another cataclysm would not happen again. Goel then tried to compensate for the damage. For this reason, Majd introduces Groush as the head of the Horde group. This time, Groush did not follow the vision and policy of the trawl; Because Groush believed that alliance should not be begged for in order to receive resources. He believed that Horde should get what he deserved without question. In the same way, this conflict of ideas caused the city of Tramor to be bombed, and officially the place that Jaina Pradmore once built for the alliance between the Horde and the Alliance was suddenly razed to the ground.

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