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Download Addon SpamThrottle

Download Addon SpamThrottle

Most likely, all of you will be disturbed by these spamms that are found in Trade , and when you die, you will go crazy in the main cities.

SpamThrottle solves your problem and automatically deletes the Spammers and does not let you get nervous.

This plugin filters General Chat (and all other numbered chats, ie 1 through 99/99), so that each personal message is displayed only once every XX seconds, where XX is a number. Customizable with a default of 600 seconds. (10 minutes). Repetitions are pre-filtered, as long as the text is similar and less than XX seconds from the last identical message displayed.

Duplicate spam usually occurs when someone does something for advertising, such as advertising a server or selling a mat or و, and repeats it over and over again.

This plugin ensures that you will only see the chat message once, unless the person changes their script or chat subject, in which case the new message will be displayed only once.

You do not miss any messages, only duplicates are removed. A fuzzy match filter is used so that even if the text is just the same, it can be specified as a duplicate. The plugin is very lightweight and quite useful

All chat channels and / year are monitored, but not unnumbered channels (such as / g or / w ). Each duplicate message is filtered on each monitored channel, even if it first appears on one channel and then repeats exactly the same text on another. On a very busy server, frequent ads for groups and businesses can make chat channels almost unusable, as they are constantly scrolling through hundreds of messages per minute.

Spam can be painted dark gray so that it is easy to ignore (and you can also see that you are doing good things), or you can hide it completely.

You can set the filter as a whole, allowing you to see all new messages that appear (once) as a re-filter sent.

Use ” / st color” to change to “color” mode and change to ” / st ves ” to hide spam .

You can also turn off the fuzzy match filter to calculate only the exact match using ” / st nofuzzy “. Turn it on again using ” / st fuzzy “.

And you can turn on the filter of messages containing Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters with “ / st cblock ” and turn it off again with ” / st nocblock ” – the default is off.

Just DL this Addon and drop it in the Interface folder and enter the game and see how relaxed it is.

If you have a problem, ask a question and get an answer.

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