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Tutorial for completing Mage class portals


Learn how to complete and obtain various Mage class portals

One of the most important capabilities of the mages is opening portals to various central cities, including Storm Wind , Iron Farage , Darnassus , Moonglade , orgrimmar, Mulgore , underCity .

Mages are the most powerful class in combat, and in group play they can be used as the main attack force or the main defensive core, where they safely drop energy and fire bullets on their enemies .

In this regard, to complete and obtain the various portals of this class, we have prepared two video items, the first for the Mage Horde class and the second for the Mage Alliance class .

And in order for portals to be used and you can use them, you need the Rune of Teleportation and Rune of Portals items .






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