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PVE Elemental Shaman DPS


Complete PVE Elemental Shaman DPS training

In this post, you will get acquainted with the following tutorials

1- The best Enchantments for PVE Elemental Shaman DPS class

2- The best socket and Gem for PVE Elemental Shaman DPS

3- The best talent – Talent for PVE Elemental Shaman DPS class

4- Rotations or how to play with the PVE Elemental Shaman DPS class

The best and most practical job for the PVE Elemental Shaman DPS class is tailoring and Jewelcrafting .


  1. Glyph of Totem of Wrath
  2. Glyph of Lightning Bolt
  3. Glyph of Lava
  1. Glyph of Thunderstorm
  2. Glyph of Renewed Life
  3. Glyph of Water Shield

  1. Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond
  2. Red: Runed Cardinal Ruby
  3. Yellow: Potent Ametrine
  4. Blue: Glowing Dreadstone

  1. Head Arcanum of Burning Mysteries
  2. ShoulderGreater Inscription of the Storm
  3. CloakScroll of Enchant Cloak – Greater Speed
  4. ChestScroll of Enchant Chest – Powerful Stats
  5. BracersScroll of Enchant Bracer – Superior Spellpower
  6. GlovesEnchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower
  7. WaistEternal Belt Buckle
  8. LegsSapphire Spellthread
  9. BootsEnchant Boots – Icewalker
  10. Weapon Enchant Weapon – Black Magic , Scroll of Enchant Weapon – Mighty Spellpower
  11. ShieldEnchant Shield – Greater Intellect

Flame Shock -> Lava Burst -> Elemental Mastery -> Lightning Bolt

Hit -> Spell Power -> Haste -> Critical Strike Rating -> Intellect





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