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Everything we need to know about sockets and their performance


In this post, we will talk about sockets and jams of world of warcraft, their description and performance. For many people, the type of socket and their performance are incomprehensible. Here are a few.

  • Blue sockets :
  1. Spell Penetration = This Resistance socket lowers the target, an example of this is the Stormy Majestic Zircon socket .

Spell Penetration is a factor that ignores the target Resistance value for your attacks!

Some people mistakenly define Spell penetration and believe that if they have 100 Spell penetration, for example, for all those who attack that target, this amount of Resistance will decrease, which is completely wrong!
Spell penetration ignores Resistance just for you!

Spell penetration is only used in PVP, because with the exception of a few Black Temple bosses, it no longer has any boss in Resistance.


  1. Spirit = This socket boosts Hp Regeneration and healing, with Sparkling Majestic Zircon in this socket row, this power also increases the recovery rate of heath and mana during and after war.


  • YelloW yellow sockets :
  1. Resilience = This socket lowers the critical amount you eat and the amount of mana in the drain (the amount of mana that the target takes from you) and the socket in this row is Mystic King’s Amber .

Resilience, the term factor for the hero’s resistance to the magic elements of Magic Schools

What are the magical elements themselves?
Magical elements include 6 elements: Fire, Nature, Shadow, Frost, Arcane, and Holy Light. Holy has no resistance at all!


  1. haste Rating = This socket lowers the cast time of your casts, making Quick King’s Amber socket suitable.
  2. Hit Rating = If this situation is not enough, your hero will miss blows MISS or in Persian Rigid King’s Amber socket is in this row.

Not being hit and becoming MISS has its natures! For example, for someone who plays the role of DPS, the total amount of damage that is calculated at the end of the fight is reduced!

As for the tank, if the spell and the ability to be against the MISS enemy, will cause you not to take the amount of Threat that spell gives to the tank, and eventually the boss will be Agro, and even if you are a healer and your HIT is low, it will cause You hit the so-called CC spells, which include Fear, Stun, Cyclone, and Miss, and ruin the job!

The question may arise how we could not have, for example, having a 4 ٪ Hit against a MISS player! So what happens to 96% ?!

It has 2 modes:

  1. Be Caster {Spell Heat}
  2. Be close to the woman {Melee Hit} and that we have the ability to hit any person and any NPC, but either considering being a player or NPC as well as their level of level, we have a certain amount of MISS chance that Spell Hit has the following is :

Each 26.23 Hit Rating equals 1% Spell Hit for the Patch Leach King.

  1. Defense = This Dodge, Block, Parry Chance socket raises you up with Critic, and the Thick King’s Amber socket is suitable for this.


  • Red sockets Red:
  1. Expertise = This socket increases the chances of Dodge or parry, Precise Cardinal Ruby socket is suitable for this case.

Every living thing in the game has a chance to give Parry and Dodge, which we can reduce to 0 and finally 0, according to the Expertise factor!
In a reed, when we play the role of DPS Melee, we have to attack from behind the boss to give DPS, because we take the chance to parry the boss, but instead the boss can still dodge and reduce our DPS!
The amount of Dodge that the meta boss gives is 6.25%!

We have two ceilings for Expertise!

  1. Normal roof: Soft Cap
  2. Maximum ceiling: Hard Cap

The Soft Cap is equal to the amount we use as the DPS role to attack the boss from behind and to control the 6.25% Dodge boss!
Since each Expertise reduces the chance of Parry and Dodge boss by 0.25%, we need 26 Exp as a DPS Melee
. And Parry lowers the boss!

Finally, as a MELLE DPS, we need 199.9059448242188 Expertise Rating or 26 Expertise for Soft Cap

Hard Cap is equal to the amount of size that we use as a TANK role that we attack from the front and to control the 14% Parry Boss!
Maybe you say that the tank should only take the boss and eat less DPS, no one expects Tomak to drop DPS Expertise and increase his DPS

You said that if the boss attacks are Parry or Dodge or Miss, no Threat will be received from that spell!

Also, hard Caping in Expertise is not necessary if you do not have a problem with Threat!

It should be noted that Block has nothing to do with Expertise, and if you saw that your attack was blocked in Recount, the problem is that you attacked from the front of the boss, which you have to attack from behind!


  1. Armor Penetration = This socket lowers the target armor and is a good example of Fractured Cardinal Ruby .

The factor that ignores the Armor value for your physical attacks on the target, which will result in more damage to your physical attacks, and has the greatest impact on the Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, and Druid Feral classes, whose major attacks and attacks are physical. There is less impact for DK and Shaman Enh classes, especially Paladin class, which has the least impact of this factor!

In general, every 14 Armor Penetration Rating ignores 1% of the Armor Target for you, and finally the 1400 Armor Penetration Rating ignores 100% of the Armor Target for you!

Note that Armor Penetration more than 100% will be 1400 Armor Penetration, will not have any additional effect!
And that Hard Cap and Soft Cap or the maximum and minimum amount, this factor is different for each class, which will be explained in the special training for each class!

This factor can be increased by taking items, sockets, enchantments and even Elixir and foods!


  1. parry Rating = This socket is used for tank heroes and is suitable for Flashing Cardinal Ruby .
  2. Dodge RAting = This socket is often used for Rogue to get less Spell & damage and suitable for Subtle Cardinal Ruby .
  3. Strength = This socket is used to increase Atack Power and is suitable for Bold Cardinal Ruby .

This power affects the amount of attack power you have, and the more it is, the more attack you see on your enemy


  1. Agility = This socket is used to increase the Armor & Critical Chance and is suitable for Delicate Cardinal Ruby .

This power increases the probability of critical and dodge, as well as slightly increasing the armor.

Purple – Yellow – green – Orange sockets are a combination of the above types.

Nightmare Tear sockets are used to add All Stats.


  • Meta socket:
One of the types of sockets are meta sockets that have a great effect but little attention is paid to them. In meta sockets, many terms are used that most of them do not know their meaning.











  1. chance To Stun Target = gives you a chance to stun the target and the socket example is Brutal Earthstorm Diamond .


  1. Increase Critical Damage By 3%Increase Critical Healing By 3 = These 2 sockets are very popular. The first one raises your dps, the second one raises your healing.

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