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Deathbringer Saurfang – icc four-boss tactic in 25-man mode

Deathbringer Saurfang – icc four-boss tactic in 25-man mode

The main key to this fight is high DPS, only DPS, and this fight has only one phase, which must be completed in a maximum of 8 minutes, otherwise it will be hard work, and when the Boss blood reaches 30%, Frenzy will start, which is a small state of what happens after 10 You see the minute it happens

The best time to use DPS related cooldowns is at this time, ie 30%

Saurfang uses Blood Power. When he reaches 100, he hits the Mark of the Fallen Champion on one of the players and Blood Power becomes zero again, and so on.
Each series that hits the Mark of the Fallen Champion , the Blood Power Energy Bar fills up faster, so it’s best to have a strong DPS that hits the first Mark when the Boss’s health rate is close to 60%.

  • Tanking :

2 Tank required, this Boss does not hit very hard with the sword, but 2 is necessary because they must be careful when Rune of Blood hits another Tank to taunt Debuff related to Rune of Blood , which is 20 seconds away from Between the lambs and so on.

  • Standing Roles:

Tanks, as I said, should be where the Boss appears and be the Tank. MDPS should be all tanks and RDPS should be 12 yards away from the Boss to not activate Blood Nova . Stand out from everyone and play in such a way that each group of players harrows the body.

Saurfang throws this spell on one of the players and every time Saurfang is added, it takes more Blood Power . Healing those players is not a problem.

To become 100% Blood Power , this Boss hits the Mark of the Fallen Champion spell on one of the players, which hits a lot of Damage between 2 to 3k per second in 10-player mode.

When a player with Mark of the Fallen Champion dies, 5% of the boss’s blood returns and of course Combat Ress should not be used on those who died with Mark.


For 25 people, 2 tanks are needed. 4-5 to Healer and 18-19 to dps. It is better that dps have the ability to stun, slow down.

This system boss is like a DK, which uses Blood Power instead of Rune of Power to strengthen its attacks.

When the boss is ready to fight, two tanks must go to the top of the stairs facing the boss, and the melee dps must be at a distance behind the boss. The caster dps must be 10 yards apart, not less than this amount. The boss debuffs you

Boiling Blood : A type of DoT that hits a player at random and attacks 5k every 3 seconds for 24 seconds. This debuff cannot be cleared. The effect is over

Rune of Blood : There is a type of debuff that damages when it hits its target and heals the boss for 5 seconds, and if it hits one of the tanks, the other tank must hit quickly.

Mark of the Fallen Champion : When boss level of Blood Power reaches 100, this spell will not be neutralized on one of the players and will not be neutralized until the boss is destroyed.The one who takes this debuff does not attack the boss, he does not get the Blood Power boss, but it is possible that the boss will hit 6-7 of the players until the end of the fight.

The determination is with the raid leader, if you heal the person, the boss will get Blood Power again , or death or life with humiliation!

Frenzy : When the hp boss reaches 25%, the boss goes crazy and the attack speed increases by 30%, which is a good time to hit BL or HI to get the boss working together.

Call Blood Beast : The boss shows up to 5 add-ons every 30 seconds that they must be killed without reaching anyone. If the add-ons attack someone , it gets the Blood Power bus and makes the job very difficult.

Minecraft Tip : When Call Blood Beasts appear, melee dps and tanks must strictly refrain from aoeing.

When the Blood Power increases, the number of attacks increases proportionally. When the Blood Power reaches 100 and one of the players takes the Mark of the Fallen Champion , the Blood Power level is zero again and again.

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