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Razorscale boss tactics in 10-man mode


Razorscale boss tactics in 10-man mode

Razorscale boss does not need two tanks when it starts, but it is better to have two tanks and it needs two healers to make it easier.

  • This boss has Abilities that include:
  1. Devouring Flame : The boss throws a blue fire towards the rider and the players are obliged to move so as not to be damaged.
  2. Fireball : Damages people facing the boss
  3. Flame Breath : deals 1616 to Ride
  4. Fuse Armor : This spell reduces Armor by20% , Attack speed20% and Movement speed 20%.
  5. Stun Self : After hitting each group of adds, one of these harpooned or spears is made, which must be hit on the boss, and in the case of 10 people, it is repeated only twice and the boss is pulled to the ground.
  6. Wing Buffet : When the hp boss reaches 50%, the boss starts hitting the spell that throws the rider upwards.

In the first phase, the boss only cleans the house and in these houses, some adders come out, the riders easily add dps and the healers get the heal rid.

Note: In the first phase, the boss has a spell called Devouring Flame , which when it is above the rider’s head and is in Asmon, it pushes this spell towards the rider, and when the rider hits this spell with the boss, they move a little that damages it. Do not eat.

Note: There are two examples of add-ons in the houses that house the eddas, and the eddas are outside these houses:

  1. A series of add-ons are very large and the melee should not be close to these add-ons because they play a splash like Bladestorm . They should be careful and away from these addictions.
  2. A series of smaller add-ons are also available

Note: In general, in 10 normal modes: 2 times the edema is made and 2 times the house is built, and each time these houses are built and the eddas are built outside, after hitting these eddas, it is made behind the spears that one of the players Must move fast and by clicking on these spears – Stun Self , a spear with a chain attached to the boss proves and the same process must be repeated until the boss comes down, you have to hit the boss at a certain time, otherwise the boss again Goes up

Therefore, at this time, the shaman class bl must be activated and the dps must empty everything in their pockets.

hp boss, which is 50%, throws the whole rider up, and after this, the tank has to tantalize the boss series so much that the boss does not return and hits the rider, and at this time, the boss has a spell called Fireball , which fires out of its mouth when the tank He should be careful that the face of the boss is not facing the rider and the rider should give dps.




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