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World of Warcraft Glossary

World of Warcraft Glossary

Instance : Instance is a separate and closed environment that works privately for the groups that enter it. It is called Instance Dungeon and according to the standards of Warcraft world, it is divided into two types: Dungeon and Raid .

The main difference between the two is the number of players, the size of the environment and the difficulty.

Dungeons are generally referred to as five-person extensions.

Raid for 10-person, 25-person instances.

Raids often have larger environments, and the quality of the items they drop from the boss is better.

Faction : Faction, which literally means group or party, in Warcraft refers to groups that agree on an ideology or race, such as the Alliance and the Horde , which are playable races.

There are also micro-modes in the game, such as Earthen Ring or Guardians of Hy’Jal , which are neutral and can be contacted by players in the two main modes.

Experience point : It can be said that XP is a point that is obtained as a reward for completing missions, killing enemies and gaining skills in professions, and by earning a certain amount of it, the characters created by the players are Leveled up.

Level : A level is a mechanism by which the game categorizes enemies, bosses, creatures, items, and players, and determines their level of power and effectiveness in combat, and allows them to use different levels of equipment.

Level up occurs when players earn a certain amount of XP by completing a mission or killing creatures.

Level up allows players to use better equipment and gain more power and skills.

PvP : or Player vs. Player , player against player, means when a player is fighting with another player / players.

PvE : or Player vs. Environment or player against environment, generally refers to playing in the environment with or without other players and destroying mobs and NPCs.

Mob : Uncontrollable and controversial characters in the game that have XP or Loot.

NPC : To non-playable characters in the environment, and sometimes players have the ability to communicate such as receiving a mission or receiving rewards.

Boss : Enemies who have a lot of power and are often fought in groups.

AoE : or Area of ​​Effect is a type of attack that affects the environment and has the ability to damage multiple players or mobs.

CC : or Crowd Control is a tactic that temporarily takes the enemy out of the battlefield and is broken with the first attack or after a certain time and that enemy returns to the fight.

Wipe : It can also be called reaping, and it is when the group ( Party or Raid ) is completely defeated and all the players die.

Party : Groups of five players or less.

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