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Flame Leviathan boss tactics in 10-mode – normal and hard mode


Flame Leviathan boss tactics in 10-mode – normal and hard mode

To start the game, when you enter the ulduar’s in 10 mode, for hard and normal mode, you have to talk to two npc.

Talk to Brann Bronzebeard about starting normally .

You should talk to Lore Keeper of Norgannon for a harder mode .

After starting, you can get two tank samples and one engine sample from the first part of Ince:

  1. Salvaged Chopper
  2. Salvaged Demolisher
  3. Salvaged Siege Engine

The abilities of the above are as follows:

  1. First Aid Kit : Heal the driver and driver assistance within 4 seconds
  2. Sonic Horn : Damages 6300 to 7700
  3. Speed ​​Boost : Gives your engine 100% speed for 5 seconds
  4. Tar : Something like bitumen falls together for 45 seconds, which reduces the speed of the enemy to 10 yards, and this bitumen can also be ignited, which lasts 45 seconds.
  1. Hurl Boulder : Damages 8 yards betweenand 33,000
  2. Hurl Pyrite Barrel : A blue ball is thrown to the boss and the Demolisher driver is required to hold 10
  3. Ram : When you hit this spell, each enemy in front of the Demolisher deals between 19,000 and 21,000 damage and throws them back, as well as 2160 to 2640 damage to buildings.
  4. Throw Passenger :The assistant driver with the Hurl Pyrite Barrel shoots at the boss to hit the boss ball, which is located on either side of the boss.
  1. Electroshock : The large tank must move next to the boss, when the boss is cast, hit the boss cast with this spell.
  2. Ram : Damages any enemy in front of the Demolisher when you hit this spell between 22501 and 27501 and throws them back, as well as 2850 to 3150 damage to buildings.
  3. Steam Rush : Only speeds up the tank itself
  1. Battering Ram
  2. Flame Vents
  3. Missile Barrage
  4. Overload
  5. Pursued
  6. Shutdown Systems

And in hard drive mode there are four towers, each tower has several properties:

  1. Tower of Storms : Gives 40% hp to the boss and 25% Physical damage
  2. Thorim’s Hammer : Stormstrike inflicts damage on all nearby tanks and engines, causing even more damage if you hit directly under the impact site.
  1. Tower of Flames : Gives 40% hp to the boss and 50% Fire damage
  2. Mimiron’s Inferno : Starts from the entrance of the boss and takes the form of a circle in the middle of the fight and is always spinning and the tanks should never move on it because they suffer 150,000 Fire damage .


  1. Tower of Frost : hits the boss, which increases the boss by 40% hp
  2. Hodir’s Fury : There is a white light in the fight that hits the ground from Asmon and after a few seconds it starts moving and follows the engine and tanks, and if one of them is frozen in the light for 2 seconds, it freezes and 150,000 Frost damage .
  1. Freya’s Ward : A bomb is dropped in the fight from the Tower of Life that deals 13,500 to 16,500 damage to those near the tower.
  2. Tower of Life : hits the boss which increases the boss by 40% hp and 10% Fire damage taken

Normally, there are no flowers or towers in the fight described above, and both players can hit the boss with the Salvaged Demolisher , they just have to Pyrite Safety Container above their heads.

Note: His tactic is that the Demolisher driver and his co-driver work together, who must first Pyrite Safety Container with the Level 3 tank towards him and the driver with the Level 2 on the bus.

Note: Normal mode does not need to hit with 10 people and two people can hit the boss.

Note: In the fixed mode, it is as follows: two Demolisher, two motors and two Siege.

In hard mode, the situation is different, two Demolishers, two engines and two Siege must have both driver and driver assistance, except for the engines and their job is to pour 4 corners of bitumen or tar , which helps when the flowers are smooth. The driver of Demolisher and Siege fires the bitumen, which is destroyed by the fire very quickly, and when the number of goals increases, the driver of Demolisher and Siege must help them.

In hard drive mode, Siege works a little more because it has to move close to the boss and when the boss casts, it hits the boss cast with level 2.

The tank that targets the boss has to pull the boss against the wall because Mimiron’s Inferno spell is in the middle of the fight.

Note: As the Gs increase, so do the hp players of both the tank and even the engine they ride




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