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Rotface – icc sixth boss tactic in 25 mode

Rotface – icc sixth boss tactic in 25 mode

In 25 people, we need 3 tanks – 6 to 7 healers and 16 to 18 DpS in this fight.

Boss Abilities :

  • Ooze Flood : If we divide the hall into 4 quarters, each quarter has a tube from which green and sludge-like materials come out.

If someone is in these areas, he will be attacked and his speed will be reduced by 25%.

Every 20 to 30 seconds, the milk loosens and spills on the floor, and after 20 seconds it clears.

The effects of this spell are on both players and boss add-ons, that is, it attacks both and slows them down if they are on it.

  • Slime Spray : Every 20 seconds, the boss randomly targets a person. When the boss casts this spell, he chats with the player and stares at him. The area is under attack, so everyone except the target must move quickly behind the boss to avoid attack and be safe. The duration of this spell is active for 5 seconds, then the boss returns to MT and normal routine is followed.

  • Mutated Infection : A type of debuff that is struck on one of the players and attacks it every second and reduces the amount of heal acceptance – that player is reduced by 50%. Little Ooze is to that player

  • Little Ooze :Any player who gets Mutated Infection after the end of this debuff, small green animals will appear near that player. These animals called ooze have 4 million hp in 25 and can not be hit and also if someone hits them, the amount can Attention to attack

OT plays the role of kite the ooze here. He has to take the first ooze and spin around the hall. They can.

This person who has debuffed should move to the ot, which is around the hall, and wait for the little ooze to be born until the boss sees that it has been debuffed. Move towards the first ooze to stick the two ooze together to both slow it down and save it from being chased.

Note : As long as the small oozes are not connected, no one should rely on them. In general, all dps should chat on the boss, only the boss and the boss and the boss until the last moment.

  • Big Ooze :by the contact of two Little Ooze . The Big Ooze attracts up to 5 Little Ooze and gets bigger. He stops following the movement and starts casting. When the casting is over, the parts that are green sludge explode and the sludge stains fall on the player and he attacks them a considerable amount.

(Whenever they say explosion, everyone, even the main body, should stay away from smiles or the same sludge, so as not to attack)

Note : ot should taunt Big Ooze as soon as it is created and kite
Note : ot should use any means to slow down ooze
Note : ot should be a useful person to the community.

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