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World of Warcraft Cataclysm patch demo


The main story of Cataclysm is about the guardian of the earth, Nelsarion, now known as Deathwing, the dragon who intends to destroy the earth. Unlike the previous add-on versions that added a new area to the game and the previous areas remained intact, this time all the farms have undergone many changes and new and interesting areas have been added to the game and next to it. Many game features have been changed.


If you are one of those people who have read Warcraft books or experienced the RTS Warcraft game series, you must be familiar with the name Thrall.

The Warlord of the Demons who was able to find a new home for his race and he was the one who brought the Horde alliance to its highest level. Thrall is one of the most popular characters in the world of Warcraft, and even Alliance fans have a special respect for a great warlord.

One of the major changes to WoW in this add-on pack has occurred in Orgrimmar, the base of the demons. The beloved Warlord of the Demons has been replaced by Garrosh Hellscream, who himself has left the city to stop Deathwing and prevent the destruction of Azrath. Orgrimmar has taken on a new look under the leadership of Hellscream, and looking at the city’s landscape, one can guess that the city is waiting for war at any moment, a tough battle with Deathwing! Fortunately, these changes are many, but the overall appearance of the city is very beautiful and access to different parts is still classified and very easy, just ask the city guards for the address of the part you want.

Near the city, on the border with Ashenvale and Azshara, there are fierce clashes between the Orc and Night Elf races, and near these areas there are several camps for new missions that deal well with the Horde and Alliance clashes. Shows.

A chain of missions

One of the positive points of the game is the changes in different areas of the game, which creates excitement for the players from the beginning, and major changes in different areas and new missions can multiply this enthusiasm.

Perhaps the most important thing that catches the eye of gamers is the new chain mode that is intended for missions. One of the positive points that motivates the player to complete the missions is the new rewards and the interesting storyline of the missions, which can be said to encourage the completion of the missions. The new rewards and the interesting storyline of the missions can be said to be done. Missions have never been more enjoyable on WoW.

There are about 3500 new missions in Cataclysm that can keep the player busy for hours! In the process of some missions, sometimes there are bugs that can be a little annoying and it is hoped that these problems will be solved in the future. Regarding the two new breeds Worgen and Goblin, it must be said that these two breeds have a lot of fans these days because they are new. The creators have taken an interesting initiative to introduce gamers to these two races.

Worgen, for example, are originally humans and turn into Worgen-like creatures during a series of forced chain missions. Or the Goblin race originally living on an island, this time the player takes Orgrimmar from distant islands during a series of forced chain missions. The existence of mandatory missions early in the game for both of these races not only does not cause restrictions, but also shows the origin of the races and makes the player more familiar with them.

Talent identification

One of the episodes that has changed dramatically in Cataclysm is the Talent Tree episode, which directly affects the role of the player character. According to the previous routine, there are 3 different choices in this tree, but as in the past, you can not spend your points in different trees at the same time, but you must first select one of the trees and register 32 points in it, and then You can use the remaining points to strengthen the side spells in the side trees.

This allows the player to focus on a tree and strengthen his character even more by progressing correctly in a tree.

In the past, if a player mistakenly assigned a point to a part, he could not return it and had to reset the entire Talent Tree by referring to his Special Trainer. Doing this required some gold coins, which is increasing. That is, the first time you are asked for 1 gold coin, the second time 5 and so on, the price increased. To solve this problem, a new feature has been created in the game that the player can safely apply his points in the desired section and finally confirm if it is correct.

This has helped a lot to prevent mistakes and spend money to reset the Talents. As in the past, there is a Dual Talent feature in the game so that the player has the option to change his character at any time. But the new thing about Dual Talent is that it gets cheaper. Before the release of Cataclysm, the player had to spend 1000 gold coins to have this feature, but in Cataclysm, this is done with only 10 gold coins! This has led more gamers to use this feature.

In addition to these changes, which seem very positive, as you know, many capabilities of different races are done by training. To do this, as in the past, you have to go to the desired Trainer according to the character class, but this time you have to work harder to achieve new spells and abilities. The creators have taken the features and spells available for each class out of the classification mode and increased the access level to reach the most used features and spells. This may seem a little offensive to those who want to bring a character back to Level 85 again.

Teams that came out from behind the scenes

As you know, there are big and small teams in the WoW world called Guilds. Before the release of Cataclysm, there was no special feature to join these teams other than access to the Guild Bank, which sometimes contained interesting items that the player could use if they had free access.
Most of the players did not make any special use of their team and these teams remained just a name. But the structure of these teams has changed a bit to become more like a team! The creators of the system have created a level for the teams, which in fact can only be raised with the cooperation of the players in that team.

This can be done by completing missions in groups, performing various black holes with at least 4 of the 5 people on the team, performing raids in groups, and many other things that can be done. By doing them, he raised the level of the team. But what good is this upgrade? This is where the Perk system comes into play.
After upgrading the team to a new level, a new Perk is released, which brings a new feature to the team. For example, a Perk can reduce the price of various items for team members, can increase speed, can provide the team with new capabilities for group raids, and much more. Which can increase the feeling of being within a team.

The number of these Perks is 25 as many as the number of Levels that a team can achieve. The existence of this system has increased the sense of cooperation in the game, and many players establish relationships with their team members to achieve new capabilities so that they can achieve new capabilities by completing missions, black holes and raids.

When everything changes

Many changes have taken place in different parts of WoW. The most important point is the changes that have been made in the black holes (Dungeon). Unlike in the past, most missions are at the entrance to the black hole. Black hole maps are also well designed and various bosses are well displayed on the map. A number of new black holes have also been designed in low levels that can add to the excitement of the game and save it from duplication. The new raids and black holes look a little tough right now, and the need for coordination is well visible.

This not only does not make the player dissatisfied, but the player tries to be more in tune and strengthen his character to be able to experience new parts of the game to the end and use the new items in the game. New parts have also been added to Azrath, which are mostly related to higher ranks. But the design of these areas is very excellent and perfect, and by entering these areas, you will never feel that these areas have been added to the main game after 6 years. The game interface has also changed. The game interface has also undergone minor and useful changes.

In a way that the Spell book has been completely changed and can show the player at what level and what ability is obtained in different builds, which can give an interesting preview of future powers to the player, which seems a very interesting idea. arrives. Profession and Guild pages have also undergone changes that are more related to their appearance.

The specialties section has not changed much in the general idea, and only a side specialty called Archeology has been added to the game, which is more about history. This specialty does not seem very interesting and is more suitable for those who wander around unemployment in the world of agriculture. But this specialty offers interesting rewards to the player, which is usually very difficult or very expensive to find a matching example.

These rewards can be new mounts for clothes or even new armor. In any case, this specialty, like other side specialties, is mostly used when the player has the patience and free time to search the game world.
One of the new and interesting points of the game is the ability to use Flying Mounts in Azrath, which makes the work easier for many players. Previously, the use of Flying Mounts was limited to Outland and Northrend.

The game’s graphics are eye-catching over the years due to the small changes and improvements that the creators have made. In terms of sound, as always, the game’s soundtrack is a masterpiece in every sense. 17 new pieces of music have been played for Cataclysm that match the atmosphere of the game in every way. The voice acting of the important characters of the story has been done in the best possible way. In general, Cataclysm has been more successful in many cases since the last expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King, and many positive changes can be seen throughout the game.

Unlike always, this time there have been many changes in the lower levels of the game, some of which remained intact for years. The existence of two new races can also be a good reason to start again, and the creators have made a lot of changes in the game to make the choice of a new race an almost different experience than before. Major changes to missions and new chain modes added to them can be a lot of fun. Changes in different areas, along with the choice of one of the most influential characters in the world of Warcraft for the main story line, has made the game very attractive. New areas and new black holes and raids are a good excuse to experience Cataclysm.

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