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In wow game, there are countless items and spells and creatures called npc and other items, each of which has its own characteristics and features.



For example, which area has an npc or inventory, which quest does it give us to perform, what items can be purchased from it, and so on?

The above items that we said make up thousands of posts, the site database will upload these items for you completely free of charge, on your own site.

You can go to the database and in the More section and then Tooltips , copy the script code of the database and drop it in the head section of your site or blog.

<script type = "text / javascript" src = " "> </script> <script> var aowow_tooltips = {"colorlinks": true, "iconizelinks ": true," renamelinks ": true} </script>


And after transferring the above code to the head of your site, in each post, you must link the letters, words and numbers that you want to be loaded on your site, which we explained in full in the video above.



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