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Important and essential additives for wow

In this post, we have prepared for you several necessary and complete add-ons that are widely used for players, especially guild masters.

  • What is an Addons plugin?

An addons is a tool or set of tools that is used for different purposes, for example: changing and beautifying the game UI, adding new features and hundreds of other general and specialized applications that we will explain later.

  • Why should we use Addons?
  1. Ability to manage items better, more accurately and much easier, including: items in bags and banks, equipped items, mailbox, auction house (‌ Auction House) and…
  2. Increase accuracy and speed when playing, for example, increase DPS between at least ٪ 10 to 40% during Raid, increase accuracy in heal and clean easier and much faster (Clean, Decurse,…), increase accuracy in tanking and…
  3. Better, faster and more accurate management of buffs and their timing.





Password of all files:

Addons Pictures Description Download

Blizzard addons

Easier user interface setup Download


Using this Addon, you can see the Gs heroes around you Download


Easier user interface setup Download


These Addons show how long the spell has cooldown and your abilities so you no longer need to hover over the spell with the mouse and see the remaining time. Download


When using the wrong error and. Warns Download

Deadly Boss Mods

If you want to get into Ines, you will definitely need these Addons, because it shows you when to hit the boss spells. Download


Shows groups of status bar style indicators Download


Filters bugs you do not care about Download


With these Addons, your game screen will be completely changed, which can be referred to the Action Bar and the game interface. Download


This Addon is one of the best Addons available for Guildmasters with which they can give points to their Members! Download


Addons in connection with the kill report and that information about the latest conflict Download


Announces portals and other items to a specific channel Download


Allows you to easily see your gs (points) and other players Download


One of the most popular Healing Add-ons that makes it very easy for you to play Healer, this add-on shows all the players in the form of a table and you can easily click on each one. Cast each Spell Download


Easier user interface setup Download


Show Buffs and Debuffs Damage Healing Download


This plugin includes 8 extra pens for your damage! Download


These Addons show how long the spell has cooldown and your abilities so you no longer need to hover over the spell with the mouse and see the remaining time. Download


Another popular add-on for players looking for Achievement, when you click on an NPC in the game, it tells you if it has Achieve and the ability to see all the hidden Achieve in the game. Download


This add-on completely changes your Cast Bar, calculates the Delay Cast and… Download


These addons help you solve quests and make things easier for you. Download


Adjust the targeting speed. Download

Raid Buff Status

Reports on consumables, buff, AFK, mana and many more Download


Track, transfer and display cooldown rides.

Raid Roll

roll Each item in the group or raid, can easily see which player rolls the most and see which player will roll twice Download


To configure or open frames, lock the display type / range for configuration or / rangedisplay Download


The most popular add-on in Warcraft, known as Recount, has the ability to show all Damage Done and Healling Done in one or more Fight Download


The Stuf has the same design as the StellarUF, but the Stuf is highly customizable Download


With this add-on you can create an alarm for your spells, for example when you have 5 stacks of a buff, a text or photo will be created anywhere on the page. Download


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