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How to run an automatic server after a crash?


After installing the world of warcraft server for reasons such as crashattack and so on, the server goes offline and the server needs to be restarted

If you want to think about this every minute and have stress, now if the server is off and I was not on the system to restart the server myself, what should I answer the player?

I mean, I have to be aware of this every minute?

Do all server admins sit on the system at any time and start the server themselves as soon as the server is off?

Well, the answer to these questions that many of you friends asked is no.

We have prepared two files for you to copy in the compiled folder of the server and where the authserver and worldserver files are, and from now on, instead of starting your server with authserver and worldserver, the files that we have prepared And you run the copy in these folders.

File password:

Click to download server_Restarter file.


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