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Comprehensive training for Death Knight tanks



  • You do not need to hit and expertise unless you want to go raiding heroic mode
  • Combine all hits, expertise, crit and haste to mastery and dodge / parry Reforge sta / dodge / parry / mastery until hp 150k is regrofge and gem only mastery
  • Use one of these two runeforge Rune of Swordshattering or Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle
  • Always use Blood Presence
  • Dednite uses DPS two-handed weapons


90% of tanks use this talent.


Are you ready to be a tank?

> To get the gear, we start in order

normal -> heroic -> 10 man raid -> 25 man raid

  • It’s normal that every time you die the next early tier is a hard bite, so if you die do not be surprised and upset
  • Always keep Hp and the rest of the stats in balance

150k heroics dungeon, 175k in raids, 200k in hc raids.


Death and Decay If active

> Use Outbreak

Use Blood Boil to eat all the enemies around THREAT

Use Pestilence to spread the Frost and Scarlet Fever that you outbreak among all the enemies that are 10 yards away.

* This will reduce the damage you eat by 30%
20% (Frost Fever) + 10% (Scarlet Fever)

Use your BR for Heart Strike when the Boss has more than 35% HP, but if your Boss has less than 35% HP, use your BR for Soul Reaper .

Continue like this.

Use Heart Strike if the enemy is low

> If the number of enemies is more than 2 or 3, use Blood Boil

> Use Death Strike while you are doing damage

> Use Rune Strike when you can not use anything else

Use Outbreak to hold Frost Fever and Blood Plague on the enemy

Use Cosmetic – Pestilence State to spread Frost Fever and Blood Plague on enemies

Rune Strike or Death Coil to use Runic Power

These defensive spells also help you to be a better tank, you just have to be aware of cooldowns.

Vampiric Blood, Bone Shield, Icebound Fortitude, Rune Tap, Anti-Magic Shield, Dancing Rune Weapon, Lichborne + Death Coil, Raise Dead + Death Pact

Use these one after the other. Some people save these spells until their Hp runs out, which is 100% wrong. If they do this, nothing but death awaits you. A good tank is a tank that does less damage overall.

Other items:

Hold the Empower Rune Weapon for emergency situations

Use Death and Decay or Pestilence if you do not need just one enemy

Blood Shield, which does not know what to do, is related to Dead Stick and Blood Shield and the amount of Hill

In the next posts, I will give complete explanations in their addressee

states required for a tank:

effective health (armor | stamina | mastery)
avoidance (dodge | parry)
threat (expertise | melee hit | strength)


Expertise reduces the chance that the boss will leave your shot unattended

Shots like Blood Strike, Heart Strike, Plague Strike, Death Strike and auto attack

At level 85 a level 88 boss at Reed has a 6.5% chance to Dodge and a 16% chance to Parry
Expertise reduces the chance that the boss can dodge or parry your shot.

To make Expertise 26, you need 32.79 * 20 = 655 because you also get 6 from “Veteran of the third war”.

2.2 HIT

Has a dk ability melee & caster:

Spell abilities : Icy Touch, Howling Blast, Death Coil, and Pestilence

Melee abilities : Blood Strike, Heart Strike, Plague Strike, and auto attack

Melee hit: Every 120,109 hit rating increases your Melee hit by one percent

Spell hit: Every 102.446 hit rating increases your Spell hit by one percent

If you want to do all your damage to the boss, you need
17% spell hit (1741 rating),
8% melee hit (960 rating)

2.3 Play without HIT OR EXPERTISE

What happens if you play without expertise?
Boss dodge 6.5% of your shots and parry 14% of them

What happens if you play without a hit?
8% of mele and 17% of your spells will be miss

What happens when your blows hit the boss ?!
If the hit you are hitting uses runes, runes will not be used, but you will lose 1.5 seconds.
If it uses Runic Power, Runic Power will be lost and you will have to wait until it refills.

What happens to dps ??

In blood spec with 0 hit / expertise
8% miss + 5% dodge + 12.5% ​​parry = 25.5%
It is likely that your first ds will not hit the boss and (6.25%) for the second and 1.6% for the third
if you lose the first dedastric In Hirotic Reed, I guarantee that 10% of your HP will jump
if you want to play without hit / expertise.


You should be thankful for Vengeance because every damage you receive turns 5% of it into attack power until the added attack power rate reaches 10% of the total HP
(for example, if you have 150k hp Vengeance can attack up to 15k power Increase you )
and it is enough that the threat is not too high for you

If you can not have enough threat, the bag can have a reason

Your style of play changes your
a lot, your goal
distance from the mobs is more than the limit that Heart Strike eats them.


One of the most important things a tank needs is an armor

The amount of HP is important, but if you do not have something to reduce the amount of damage you receive, what good is all that HP?

As your armor increases, the percentage of damage you receive decreases

In physical combat, each 11.7 armor is as effective as 1 stamina

If the armature that you have written is green, it means that the amount of armature that this catcher has is more than the amount of armature that the catchers have at the same level.

base armor dk can increase (total patches not only 3.3.5) to 51.6%
30% Blood Presence
, 10% Toughness
, 4% Stoneskin Gargoyle
2% Austere Shadowspirit Diamond


Well, we explained to ourselves, now it’s time for the radicals to form a class, I don’t think it makes much difference, the effect is really not so much

Alliance: Night elf for + 2% miss or dwarf for 10% less damage
Horde: Goblin for + 1% passive attack speed & rocket boots

Expertise bonus and Spell resistance do not pay attention at all because they are not useful at all, most of the damage is physical, so the spell is not useful at all.

Tauren 5% base hp and Draenei heal are also not useful enough


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