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Lady Deathwhisper – icc second boss tactic in 25 mode

Boss Tactic 2 Lady Deathwhisper 25 man – ICC

In 25 people, 3 Tank is needed for 5-6 Healers and 17-18 for DpS, which is very important for this boss to be balanced between DpS melee and Range DpS, which I will say is due to the need for high operating speed. You definitely need a shaman

This bus has two phases

The first phase is when it makes armor of mana around itself, which prevents its hp from decreasing, but by attacking that mana, the boss decreases. The second phase is when that armor disappears, so the main goal in phase 1 is high boss. The mana of the boss reaches zero until the shield is removed and you can hit the boss

In the first phase, it does not have an Aggro boss, and every few seconds it hits 3 of the Shadow Bolt players . The boss is fixed in place and does not move.

When the first attack is made on the boss, the fight begins. Everyone must attack the boss until the mana of the boss decreases. They take the add-ons and hold them in any direction of the hall

There are two types of add:

  1. One Cult Adherent which is Caster and Range and Melee dps should just hit them
  2. The second type is Cult Fanatic , which are melee and should be hit by Range DpS. Only melee should not say melee or caster dps should say caster. And so on

Simultaneously with the left and right add-ons, two add casters appear from behind the stairs, which require a tank to catch them.

Note : A good and fast way to kill both the add-ons and the boss is for everyone to focus on one task, that is, after a quick boss, everyone is divided into two groups and goes to both sides of the hall to hit the add. No one should start attacking the boss until the last add

While the above events are taking place, the boss launches a spell called Death and Decay , a part of the ground turns green, and whoever is there attacks the amount of damage, which is very high.

lady may accidentally revive or recreate one of the add-ons with more power , for example when re-creating the melee add to Deformed Fanatic and attacks and destroys anyone close to her at 40-50k.

When this happens, one of the tanks must take aggro and rotate it around the hall, which is called kite. No one should be close to this add.

This add is slow and there is no need to worry if you have a distance with it

Position of people in the first phase:

In general, from time to time, the Dominate Mind boss hits one of the players. The size of that player increases and he hits his own players.

In the second phase, the add-on boss no longer appears, and if there is any add-on left from the first phase, it must be hit quickly.

Starting the second phase:

The tank must catch the boss quickly and the rest of all dps and heal. A very important point in this phase is that Frostbolt damages the tank more than 50k and if it does not kill anyone (it kills) it slows the person down by 50% for 4 seconds. Tanks are harder here

Also in this phase, ghosts (ghosts) appear from the corpses that can not be hit, you just have to stay away from them, after a few seconds, they will nod themselves spontaneously.

If the boss is not killed within 10 minutes, it will be Enrage and.

Note : This is the same for 10 people, only the add-ons from a middle section that turn left – right – left

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